Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Daddy's Birthday

MANY of my friends' birthdays have passed during the month on June. Right after that famous-month-for-birthday-and-also-money-spending-on-birthday-present period, it is July. And 1st of July marked my dad's birthday.

Well, on this day we don't celebrate like how we celebrate the other friends' birthdays: Redbox, Greenbox, Neway, Oldway, Tsim Tung, Wong Kok, Nando's, Kaki Corner, Steven's Corner, Maison, Poppy, Thai Club etc etc.

And dad doesn't fancy cake either.

So we just have a casual dinner outside, as usual.

This year, dad bring us to a place recommended by his friends, where we never been before. It is a seafood restaurant in Hulu Langat, somewhere out of the town of KL.

The place is just like an ordinary makan restaurant you can find anywhere in Malaysia.

Oh by the way, this is the birthday boy man:

My mama and mei mei:

This restaurant is located at quite a remote area. I didn't know how dad entered that area because I was sleeping in the car that time. Too tired ok.

The place we had our dinner is located at a higher area and from there we could overlooked down the valley where they grow fishes (for the customers to eat). There are two big ponds down there. And the place is surrounded by the hills. Such a nice place.
Views of the surrounding:
One of the reason dad brought us there was to try out something special. Other than ordering typical dish: African fish (非洲鱼) and a vegetable, we ordered 'water fish' (水鱼) or labi-labi. It was my first time trying that in my life.
When I say 'water fish', it is not just fish. It is...
a turtle?
I've checked the wikipedia, it is called a softshell turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis), a kind of reptilia in the family of Trionychidae. Found in China, Taiwan, Korea, Manchuria, North Vietnam, Japan. Also, after being introduced to new environments, can be found in Singapore, Thailand, Batan Islands and California.

They don't serve the dish as shown the picture below. Nobody will have the apetite to eat after seeing it. Yeee, so geli!

This is how the dish looks like:
The white colour stuff is the shell
and the meat
Mum said that the it is a very heathly food. They cooked it with some herbs so it won't have the weird taste of 'turtle'. But I still feel geli when wanna swallow it.
Anyway after the meal, I took a walk with my sister at the fish pond below and the enjoyed the scenary and the cool breeze.

Going down
They rear the fish here as well

Some view
I dunno him
If anyone is interested of trying this exotic food, you may go there. It is located at somewhere near Batu 14 Cheras.
After dinner, dad used the Hulu Langat way to go back to Pandan Indah and eventually we would come out from Taman Muda. Along the way at the mountain, there was a nice view of KL.
And I snapped a picture from a watch tower there. Very nice.