Thursday, August 31, 2006


LAST week, the Architech Society of UTM organised the Archiweek. A series of activities were held during the week and it was taken part by all the architecture students from the 1st year till the 6th year.

First we had Archileague on the Monday and Tuesday of last week. Chin Keng and Eng Kee took part and represent our first year in the badminton double event while Sia Fen and (don't remember his name) participated in the ping pong. And the rest of us...Cheer for them! =)

The guys
The girls
The poser
This year 1st year students like to snap photos vrey much

Then we had Pasar Rabu on Wednesday where every workbases were assigned to set up their own stall and sell some food and drinks . My workbase came out with the idea of selling rojak and bread. The rojak were selling like hot cakes and we managed to finish everything up.
Preparing for Pasar Rabu
On Friday it was Malam Puisi. Everybody were asked to wear traditional clothes for the event. Choon Wah and I managed to borrow a songket from the malay boys. Wearing it for the first time was not that easy for us.

On the following day, we had Kite Fest at Pulau Layang-Layang, Pasir Gudang. Many international kites events has been held at that place. I believe it was the most enjoyable program for all of us (who went, of course).
We had to make our own 2D and 3D kites and make it fly. My workbase stayed up till 5am on the night before just to finish the kite. This is what we called last minute work =p

Have you seen a Bra kite before?
Some games going on
The malays seem to enjoy jumping
Welcome to the Kite Musuem
1st year - Strano

From Monday to Wednesday, a book fair was held in the Faculty of Built Enviroment (FAB). Architecture books are REALLY expensive! I got myself two interesting books and it costed me almost RM200.
Come come! cheap books!
On Tuesday night, Choon Wah, Bee Li, some seniors and I went to Jusco at Tmn Universiti as there was an exhibition held by the architecture students of UTM. Some drawings of the students were displayed and sold to the public to raise fund for the Palestines.
Artwork from the students

Thesis Fair was held on Wednesday, organised by the 6th year. Selected students made their presentation to the dean, deputy dean, some lecturers and some architecture students. Then questions will be asked and ansswered. It was something like a forum. One word - boring!
And fiinally on the Wednesday night, it was Malam Multimedia. Every different year were required to submit a video presentation of their batch in collabaration with the Merdeka celebration. The first year won the award for the best presentation =)


Saturday, August 19, 2006


FIRST of all, I would like to annouce that...FINALLY I found a roti canai stall in UTM! Hehe.
It has been weeks I have not write something here. One of the main reasons is because of the stupid internet connection.

I can only online if I:
1) use the library computers which is always full with people,
2) go to the faculty computer lab which has limited number of PCs,
3) walk all the way to CICT (Center of Information Communicaion Techonlogy) which is about 20-30 minutes away from my kolej.
4) have a notebook to access the net from the Studio. Unfortunately I don't have one.

However the connection over there is veeeerrrrry slooooooow...

Every rooms in the kolejs (dorms) has a network plug which enable us to access the internet when in the room. Unfortunately, my block and the block opposite mine haven't got this service ready yet although the plug is there already!

When I went to the kolej office to ask about it, the lady just say: "Oh, blok ini belum ada lagi. Kena tunggu lagi.."

How long more do I have to tunggu. The seniors had told me that they heard the same thing since the first time they moved here.

Apalah! Kononnya Universiti TECHNOLOGY Malaysia?!!

So here I am blogging all the way from Singapore. If there aren't any activities/classes on the weekends, why not I just come to my aunt's house here for 2 days. It only takes me less than 2 hours to get from the campus to my aunt's house.
At the same time, I can get to sleep in a comfortable air-con room, have a nice hot shower, and get to eat nice delicious pork.

Two more weeks to come and I'll be having my mid-sem break (2nd-10th Sept). Can't wait for that! Few days ago dad called and told me about this Buy-1-Free-1 promotion from Air Asia from the 13th to the 20th August.

And yesterday he called again and told me that he had booked air tickets to Phuket, since it is very cheap. Plus you'll get another night for free if you stay for 3 nights. We are going with a friend of dad and his son, who is also a student of UTM.

After reading Kenny Sia's travel log on Phuket, it is indeed a very nice place not to be missed =)

However before all the holiday and fun, I have some assignments to be handed up by the end of August.


Is it time for me to take the first step? Or do I still have to wait awhile more?