Monday, December 20, 2010

Mini Legoland in Bangsar

CHRISTMAS is around the corner. Just like every year the malls are up with their joyful Christmas decorations and lighting. And this time round Bangsar Village 2 come out with a Lego Christmas deco.
It has a 7m high Lego X'mas tree. The tallest in Asia.
Of course, there are displays of my favourite toy at all time. LEGO!
Lego chess
The train set which I so wished to own last time.

The big tree is made up of 850,000 Lego bricks.
There is a contest where shoppers can guess who these cute figures are.
Swensen's ice cream shop
The Lego city model
Workers fixing the roof. No need safety precaution one.
Limo spotted!
Men at work
I particularly like this very much.
See, got boat summore!
Then they have the pirates and ships. Look how they made the rocks.

Ship battle
Paul the octopus made an appearance
Haha and the crocodiles are hungry too.
The Lego Star Wars since 1999.
Clone Troopers
The All Terrain Scout Transport(AT-ST) Walker
Harry Potter and friends, and foes, and teachers, and HERMOINE!
In Lego Kingdom, you'll see this medieval street
And battle again.
Lego Batman series
I swear this batmobile is 10000 times better than the one in KLIMS'10
Lego Indiana Jones. Weee~
And here are the others:
A carousel 
Tower Bridge, a group of wizards on grass and rocket ready to launch
Lego Technic - the big boys toys
There are also customized Lego sets done by individual on display.
Can you guess what is this?
Of course, 1/2 Malaysia!
It is amazing how these bricks still make me so excited. Haha like what Jenny said, I was hyperventilating when I see all of these. Heard the Legoland Malaysia (largest in Asia) will open in the Iskandar Johor Region in 2013! So can't wait for that..

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