Saturday, August 23, 2008


LOOK around you. What can you find that is green?

Green is almost everywhere. Take for example, in my house:

My gate is green.

The trees outside.

As well as plants the inside.

The pandan leaves my mum planted.

The garden hose

The green tiles

Also the oil container dad left at the car porch

You see, green is everywhere.

Inside my house, part of the wall is green too.

Anyway, that’s not important.

This is the main reason I’m writing this post:
No, it's not the bicycle
Hmm, a lil closer
There. Can see?
Yup. The FuturArc magazine which I just got less than 12 hours ago. This 2008 3rd quarter edition of the magazine seems to be quite difficult to find. I’ve searched almost everywhere in Taman U and JB but couldn’t spot it.

Even Han Chee wanted to get for me when she was in Singapore, there was only one left at that place. And she got it for herself. Luckily they still have NOT totally run out of stock. I got this copy from Borders at Times Square this afternoon.
Unlike the previous ones, they wrapped this. Must be having something wonderful inside

Yes indeed! There is an extra special of section in this edition of FuturArc

Remember the competition that my friends and I took part early this year? Actuall it was one of our studio assignment. The competition was organized by FuturArc and in such a short period of time we managed to rush for the submission AND luckily enough we got a small award from it.
I'm looking for this!
Flipping through the pages

Ta Da! Please turn to page 138

A citation award for us
Saya punya cerita ahli kumpulan

The description written by the magazine people
Haha. Passion sounds so dedicated and obsess. Doesn't suit me lah

So, go grab a copy if you are interested k. Normally only big bookstores will have them. And it’s quite worth it seriously. For a price of RM32.50, you’ll get to see so many competition entries by the others. Some of them did really well and they deserved the prizes. (Plus, this edition is much thicker compared to the others).

And, no animal were harmed during the production of this post.

Love green! Be green! Go green!

This year's competition is back. Come register and join here.

Dateline is on the 31st December

Thursday, August 21, 2008


WHEN a guy likes a girl, he feels excited to see her every time. He is happy in her presence and he'll try sticking to her as long as possible.
Sticks together

He thinks of her almost every single minute. He will be wondering what is she doing when she’s not around.

Hmm..any idea what are they up to?

He remembers what she likes and what she doesn’t. He keeps the best for her no matter how difficult it is for him to get it.
Can you get me a copy of FuturArc?

He always tries to cheer her up. Sometimes it may not work though. And her sweeeet sweet smile will never failed to stay around his mind.
The perfect smile : )
I get too excited so I put more...

Last but not least, sometimes she appears in his dream and that night will be the best night for him. =)

But dream remains a dream

Is that how you feel when you like someone?

Those were the days

Then, what about love ?


Love is something more than that. It is not for a short moment. Love is not just ‘love at first sight’ or some high school puppy love.
Puppy love

If you are in love with somebody, you’ll think even more than that. Love is about spending the rest of your life with her. You don’t feel bored and tired out when there is love in a relationship. Cuz that’s what make your life become more interesting.

Everday there will be something new

Love can be a guessing game. And that’s the beauty of it. There is no guarantee. It’s like diving into a pool of water without knowing whether if it’s shallow or deep.

That is deep, or shallow?

If it’s shallow you’ll end up hurt and paralyzed. But if it’s deep…you know…’ll always stay in the pool and wouldn’t want to come up the surface.

Who knows, you might found a mermaid

So do you like her? Or do you love her?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photoshoot @ Bintang

LAST night Nicholas looked for me to have dinner together. It’s been a while since we last met. He brought his friend Kenneth along. The initial plan was to meet up with our senior in Ampang Park and we would have meal together around that area. However it seemed that she had a meeting to attend therefore there was a slight change of plan.

Since we had no idea where to go, I suggested Thai cusine. I remember a place where Tiong brought me with Chiou Yann, Han Chee and Jenny few months back. So we took the LRT to Bukit Bintang and walked to the restaurant – Green Lotus.
Inside the restaurant
Meet Mr Nicholas
And that's me
With Kenneth (left) along

The restaurant is located in one of a shoplots at Jalan Walter Grenier, which is at the back of Lot 10 shopping mall. You may never realize there is a comfy place to hang out. A nice spot to bring your loved ones too. I personally like the Tom Yum soup there very much!!
 We ordered Mandalay and Chiang Mai set, which costs not more than RM20/set

After our meal, we went around snapping photos around Bukit Bintang area. First we headed to Pavilion, one of my favourite place in KL. Nice building, nice people, nice cinema, and what else? While I was happily posing for a shot, one security guard came to me...

Guard: Sini tak boleh pakai kaki.
Me: Huh? Kenapa?
Guard: Ini law...
Me: 0.o

The ‘kaki’ he was referring was actually Nicholas’ camera tripod. He talked to me nicely and so I didn’t screw him back. They didn’t allow us to take any photos using the kaki but luckily we managed to snap some earlier.
At the main entrance. My favourite!
Roll of ads
Moment of silence
LV across
Public facility

Next we crossed over the road to StarHill and continued snapping more pictures. Inside the gallery (since we only go there to SEE stuff and not able to afford buying anything) there are many nice restaurants with different themes and deco. The atmosphere inside is so pleasant. I swear to myself one day I am gonna dine in there, perhaps with that special someone. =)
CCTVs eyeing the LV bag
Inside StarHill
Rest stop
Too comfortable to even sleep in
The atrium and bubble lift
Jazz performers on stage
An alien in the light tunnel

So it was until almost 11pm that we decided to go back. LRT no open 24 hours.

Nightlifes of Bintang

ps: some photos courtesy of Nicholas' Ricoh camera