Thursday, August 21, 2008


WHEN a guy likes a girl, he feels excited to see her every time. He is happy in her presence and he'll try sticking to her as long as possible.
Sticks together

He thinks of her almost every single minute. He will be wondering what is she doing when she’s not around.

Hmm..any idea what are they up to?

He remembers what she likes and what she doesn’t. He keeps the best for her no matter how difficult it is for him to get it.
Can you get me a copy of FuturArc?

He always tries to cheer her up. Sometimes it may not work though. And her sweeeet sweet smile will never failed to stay around his mind.
The perfect smile : )
I get too excited so I put more...

Last but not least, sometimes she appears in his dream and that night will be the best night for him. =)

But dream remains a dream

Is that how you feel when you like someone?

Those were the days

Then, what about love ?


Love is something more than that. It is not for a short moment. Love is not just ‘love at first sight’ or some high school puppy love.
Puppy love

If you are in love with somebody, you’ll think even more than that. Love is about spending the rest of your life with her. You don’t feel bored and tired out when there is love in a relationship. Cuz that’s what make your life become more interesting.

Everday there will be something new

Love can be a guessing game. And that’s the beauty of it. There is no guarantee. It’s like diving into a pool of water without knowing whether if it’s shallow or deep.

That is deep, or shallow?

If it’s shallow you’ll end up hurt and paralyzed. But if it’s deep…you know…’ll always stay in the pool and wouldn’t want to come up the surface.

Who knows, you might found a mermaid

So do you like her? Or do you love her?


stephene86 said...

hee hee who the gal u miss?? =))))

Jimmy said...

hehe. i miss u lor =p

u can guess now said...

=.= =P @.@

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