Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas and Turkey

MERRY Christmas people! It's a day of celebration and the traffic in KL is horrible. I've learned my lesson: NEVER shop for Christmas gift at the very last minute. The Christmas decorations of the malls in the Klang Valley are nice though. I grabbed some chances to visit some of them:
Pavilion KL
MidValley Megamall
Sunway Pyramid

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Retouching Old Photos

SOMETIMES when you flipped through old photo albums of your parents or even grandparents you'll see some photos which look like this:
Sepia or black and white
Last night one of my cousin sister sent me a photo of her paternal grandfather, who passed away very early when he was still a young man. Only having this monochrome photo of him, she wants me to add some 'colours' to it. I thought it was quite impossible to do it as we normally photoshop our pictures from colour to black and white (B&W) but not vice versa.

That was, until I found a handy shareware which enable us to do that. This program called Recolored has very simple tools for us to add colours to old B&W photos. Fascinating!
And very easy to use
After a some trial and saving, this is the results I've got:
The glasses were later added in Photoshop
Lately I've been hearing a lot of death news. It all started with Alviss Kong, a heartbreak guy who committed suicide after his girlfriend left him. Followerd by another girl who jumped from KL Pavilion. Not long later, Sheng Yuan uncle also passed away after a road accident, which shocked all of us uni mates. And last night I heard from dad that one of our relative is not have much time left as well. *update: this morning the ambulance came and sent her to the hospital. Well, she's 98 now. This is life.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mini Legoland in Bangsar

CHRISTMAS is around the corner. Just like every year the malls are up with their joyful Christmas decorations and lighting. And this time round Bangsar Village 2 come out with a Lego Christmas deco.
It has a 7m high Lego X'mas tree. The tallest in Asia.
Of course, there are displays of my favourite toy at all time. LEGO!
Lego chess
The train set which I so wished to own last time.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

KL Motor Show 2010

THE Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) has finally come to an end after 10 days of exhibition at the Putra World Trade Center. It's been a long time I never been to PWTC, since the last PC Fair held here.

On last Tuesday I went to the motor show with Karen and David who was still in KL. It was a public holiday therefore we had to pay for the usual adult ticket (RM20) instead of the student price (RM5). But we got ourselves a chance of lucky draw contest.

Previously I've been to the motor show in Singapore but not the one in KL. So let the photos speak for themselves:
The grand prize of the lucky draw contest - Toyota Prius
Inside Hall 1, we got to see the much anticipated Proton Inspira or better yet known as Malaysian version of Mitsubishi Lancer.
The Lotus Espirit, looking smart.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thesis Stage 1

THIS shall be the first post of this semester. I've abandoned my blog for quite some time already. Only come here to read some updated blogs. As you can also see I've changed the layout to, ya know, make it 'fresh' a bit. I've seen sites where you can drag the photos and share it right away in Facebook, Twitter etc. (see smashpop and Kinda cool but I have no idea how to configure that. In the end I only managed put the meebo bar at the bottom of my site.

Currently rushing for the studio submission due next Monday. I have nothing much to say about my thesis at the moment. But here is what I'm working on for this sem, and the next sem as well:
My site is the green patch in the middle. Can you figure out where this place is?

And also...Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 is finally out. I'm gonna catch that right after my submission.
Girl always looks gorgeous in red, don't you think so?

That's about it now. I do have something else to say but I'll leave that to my next post. So, come back again. =)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Fullhouse Cafe and T-Bowl Restaurant

DURING the two weeks in KL before my intern starts, I've visited two interested eating place in town, Fullhouse and the T-Bowl Resaurant.

1) Fullhouse Cafe @ nearby KLCC

I was told by my sis that this lifestyle store+cafe located at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng is not far from the KLCC area and she kept asking me to bring her there the moment I came back from UTM. So I asked Lim and Jim to tag along since they are staying nearby my house. At the same time I can show Jim around KL at night.

Welcome to Fullhouse

That's Lim and Jim saying 'Hi!'

My sis happily surfing the net. They have free wifi too

I find the menu there quite interesting:

How does this look like a menu to you?

Friday, April 30, 2010


RANDOM photos:

Choon Wah and me at Junction 8 Bishan, playing with the iMac webcam

Sending Ning and her bro to the LCCT *farewell*

 Received my (Japanese Proficiency Language Test) JLPT 4 certificate all the way from Japan

My primary school mate opened her own beauty saloon. Congratulations, Yee Mei! (right)...
...and I tried wash+steam+squeeze+massage+mask my face for the first time =)

Carrefour has opened a new store behind my house, at the Pandan Axis shopping mall... attract more shopping ghost

Little Brandon has grown up. He can now pronounce 'Ab.Per' (apple) 

*Emergency moment* in the Park Royal Hotel washroom. I love toilet with music~

Appreciate mummy for buying me Crocs. Original Crocs and not pasar malam crocs

Went to Connaught's pasar malam with Jim and Lim. The longest night market in Malaysia...

..ate Uncle Bob chicken chop, asam laksa, the tiny crab and damn! I got sore throat the day after. Sien

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Stop of Doulos

*Note: this is a backdated post* I wrote this few months back but only managed to post this recently

During last December, my dear and I went to Singapore to attend my cousin's wedding. It was the first ever wedding in the family. After the wedding on the following day, we went to Vivocity and coincidently Doulos Ship was there. Well, I didn't know much about Doulos until I googled about it.

Christmas was around the corner

Doulos was the world's oldest passenger ship built in 1914. (two years after the Titanic sank) Serving in four different roles liner, migrant carrier, cargo ship and even a floating book fair. This ship has visited over 100 countries and welcomed more than 20 million visitors on board. *Oh I See!*
And Doulos has been rebuilt twice

Apparently Singapore was the last stop for Doulos after its many years of service. Therefore we got the chance to visit this historical ship before it was handed over to the new owner.

Vivocity is located next to Harbour Front Cruise Terminal and there was a SuperStar Vigro stopping on that day. I've been to a cruise once (Star Aquarius) when I was young and since then I loved it! That explains why I love the movie Titanic so much. 

I'm gonna ride on you one day

Monday, April 12, 2010

End of Semester

IT looks like I only blog once every semester. Yes, the sem has finally come to the end! I've just submitted my studio work and the topical study report which took me two semester to complete.

Hard cover bound report. Satisfaction! =)

Basically for this topical study report we had to study and to do a research on a topic we picked related to our course. Well for me, this is the topic that I chose:

It is something like a thesis report. As for this I'm already suffer enough cuz I don't like to write reports. How la I'm gonna survive my thesis year next sem.

One copy for the lecturer and the other for my supervisor, Dr Zin

Nevertheless, I'm glad its all over!

Then we have our studio work. This semester we are in the urban unit therefore it covers a larger scale and context compare to the previous ones. My given site is in Ringlet, Cameron Highlands (where we visited there early of the semester to do our site analysis) and for the final project I'm doing a market place at the particular site.

The results/hardwork/outcome:

My market of many shops

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy New Year

HAPPY new year everyone! Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day as well! Gosh, somebody please pass me a Shieldtox cuz this blog is inhabiting with spiders and webs. Too long never update already. The numbers of visitor has been dropping and there is something I must do about it. Else, my nuffnang money won't come in *ehem*

Just kidding. =p 

All the grown up cousins. Happy CNY!

 Going house visit in hometown

Anyway, lately I've been lazy to blog. But I'm still catching up with others' blog. Most of the updates, photos are being posted up in facebook already. This explain the lack of my updated post.

Just wanna share with you guys that one of my resolution for this year is to have a healthy lifestyle. Ehem.. Architecture students are having inconsistancy sleeping hour and meal time sometimes. We do not have the chance to sleep even during the submission week.

So after one semester of delaying our 'healthy' plan, Jenny, Joseph, Choon Wan, Ning and I have finally decided to sign up for a gym trial package in Danga City Mall. Clark Hatch was having its road show few weeks ago and it is only RM50 for a month, for an UNLIMITED access!!!

So why not?

What's more, there are even schedule like funrobics, yoga, pilate, hip-hop classes which we can join anytime we want. Therefore we were thinking to start our gym right after the Chinese New Year break.

Hopefully with this, I don't have any reasons for being lazy to exercise =p