Wednesday, December 13, 2006

KONAD - Korean Nail Art Design

THE other day I visited my friend, Catherine who was helping her aunt out with her new shop in IOI Mall, Puchong. Well, it's not a shop actually, more like a stall located on the concourse area.

Catherine's aunt is trying to set up a nail art design store. All the products of the are imported from Korea. And she told me that her aunt is among the first to import and starting a business of this in the country.
At first she wanted to give me a try for free. But of course I didn't want because it looks so girlish. Somehow in the end I agreed to give it a try. Just a finger won't make any difference. So I requested her to choose a not-so girlish design.

She explained all the products and also the steps while doing it for me. It looked simple as it is. Anybody can just learn and use it without any difficulties. If you are creative, you can even decorate you nails with different mix and match of patterns and colours.

Clockwise from the bottom: 4 different plates, base coat, top coat, coloured nail polish (black and blue), stamp chop and scrapper

Firstly, she applied the base coat to the fingernail. It gives the nail a base layer and it will also protect the nail.
After that, I left my nail to dry a little while under this cute little nail dryer.
This is also imported from Korea

Next she applied the KONAD coloured nail polish on the desired pattern on the plate. There are many plates for you to choose from and each of the plate has seven unique patterns.

After applying the colour, she scraped off the excessive polish from the plate using the scrapper.

And using the stamp chop, she then pressed it on the pattern so that the image will stick on the surfaces of the stamp.
Before stamping the image on my nail. There!
Once again, leave the nail to dry.

Lastly, a top coat is applied on the nail. This acts as an outer layer for the nail and make it shine as well.

The results was not bad afterall. Easy and fast. So I decided to let her to do on the second finger.
And then the third one. Haha.
But then I asked my friend to removed the last one as it was too flowerish for me.

Before I left, she showed me one last product. It is called the Pro Salon Case contains all the full set. It has 19 different nail polishes, a big image plate contains 268 designs, 3 stamps, 3 scrapers, 2 top coats, a base coat, cuticle oil, two-way buffer, nail trimmer, tweezer, sponge, glitter etc etc.

Those who wish to open a nail art design shop will have to purchase this. And it looks so cool.

The briefcase of the famous Double O Seven James Bond (minus the butterflies).
Guess how much does it cost?


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its soo cool but its hard to do!!!!

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i hate this crap

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