Sunday, January 27, 2008

Malaysia's 新不了情, Only in UTM

MY friend Steven here has the potential to be a singer. Might be Malaysia's next Gary or Z-Chen. Please support him!

Look at his expression. So dedicated and professional!

Friday, January 25, 2008

JB Clubbing

TWO days ago went to club at The Zon with some of the coursemates. The plan was initiated by Hui San. It was my first time to The Zon and the place looked quite happening. It has a duty free shopping mall, a hotel, restaurants, a karaoke and four bars/clubs.
The Zon
We went to one of the clubs and there was no cover charge. They only charged us for a bottle of alchohol we opened. And so here are the 46 photos out of 207 that we took:
Welcome to Doyce Dance Club
The interior
Tiong serving
Bacardi Limon
Liang and SHE
David with Karen
Jenny and Tiong
Sim and I, with two dunno doing what behind
Yee Wei, San and I
With Karen
Jenny and Karen
The guys

I dunno what is it called but I like the effect of the flame

Kung Fu hustle

The ladies
Me with ladies
Tiong's turn
And then David's
Followed by Liang
3 groups
All together
Sim and San

A lot of camwhoring on that night
Macam bergaya
Outside the club
SHE again
It happens once in a while =p

Pose pose
wu lian pai
Everyone's pic
Supper (breakfast) at Singgah Selalu opposite Danga Bay

End =)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tian Shang Ren Jian

On last Wednesday our Advanced English class was canceled cuz other people were using the lecture room that we were suppose to use. And there weren’t any other unlocked room for our class. So all the Chinese students (except for Chin Keng, Choon Wah, Lim, Jim, Wei Chin, Eng Kee, Sim, Jean, S.Ning, Han Chee and Beeli) went for a karaoke session in JB.

Tiong recommended a place called 天上人间 (formally known as 天安门) where the rate is quite cheap. And there was a 40% discount as he is a member there. There were a number of 12 of us therefore we only paid RM7 per person in the end.
That's the place
On 1 short night there are a total of 127 photos and videos from two cameras. I think I shall just post some of them here. There will be some repeating faces on different photos. Hehe.
Steven with the part time bar girls
Steven, Liang and Teck Yong
Siew Wei, Ala, David
Steven, Chiou Yann, Siew Wei
Jenny, Hui San, Liang, Tiong
Hui San, Tiong, David
Me, Yee Wei, Jenny
She has a nice voice
Something almost happened
Group 2

After 4 hours of shaking the room we went for supper somewhere nearby. There are still some stalls opened and so we ordered pan mee and some dim sum and porridge.
The S.H.E
Gary. All become singers already
On the way back to UTM, Tiong drove passed a backalley where there are many Agua s waiting for customers. Woh...scary! Even those in Thailand are more beautiful.
We reached back UTM at almost three in the moning. And what's good about UTM now is that, we won't have to scan our matric card anymore everytime we enter uni after 12am. Last time we used to have our card scanned and if we reach three times of scanning we will be fined!
At least now I like UTM a little bit more.