Sunday, January 20, 2008

So Many People at East Coast

On Friday, my roommate and I went to Singapore and stayed at my aunt’s house for a night. On that day, we visited the newly built La Salle Art School on Albert Street before going to Chinatown. The decorations on Chinatown are already being set up and one can feel the Chinese New Year atmosphere.

Choon Wah in front of La Salle
The inorganic form

I particularly like the articificial grass
Some art gallery
We took MRT from Little India to Chinatown
Overlooking Chinatown
Looking so red
We had our dinner at this hawker stalls area
From this point looks like KL's Petaling street
Look how the street name is translated
Some views of the area
The year of Rat
On the next day, we met up with the rest of our coursemates who came from UTM on that day. Choon Wah and I waited at the bus stop in front of my aunt’s place for their bus to arrive so that we could meet in the same bus.

First, we went straight to La Salle where CW and I went the day before. At one time all of us wanted to take a elevator up to the higher floor but unfortunately we were stopped by a guard there, saying that only students over there are only allow to access the lift.

Jenny, Choon Wah, the lampost and Han Chee

The guys
So feeling tulan, we left the place and looked for something to eat. I brought them to the lower ground food court inside Bugis Junction but not knowing that the place has already been renovated so there was no more food court but restaurants.
The National Library

So Wei Chin suggested the food court at Bugis street which is just located at the opposite and we went there for lunch. We met Steven and Michael Teng there. Looked like Michael was enjoying shopping as he was carrying big packs of stuff. We also saw a familiar face from our faculty: a girl from the landscape architecture course. And while eating Lim kept on saying that the girl selling drinks in front of him is very chio!

Halfway eating, Tiong left us to meet with his friends at the Suntec Shopping Mall.
In Bugis street
After lunch at about 1.30pm, we decided to separate into smaller groups and shopped on our own for 45 minutes. Han Chee and Jenny quickly disappeared into the crowd and the rest of us went to the Guan Yin Temple nearby OG.
Guan Yin Si
Colourful staircases behind Bugis street

After meeting up again we then went to the National Library and saw some books on architecture. There were so many people in their library. I think compared to Malaysians, the people there seem to enjoy going to the library.
Inside the library

Chiou Yann and I done some reference on our 2nd studio project. Han Chee wanted to find books on hair styling but there weren’t any books on that in that library. Hmm..I wonder what she wants to do with her hair now.
Anyway, we didn’t stay in the library for long cuz it was sien staying in the library for so long when we were suppose to enjoy somewhere else.
Shoooting up

So we headed to East Coast Park! From the library we walked to City Hall interchange and took a MRT to Bedok which then we took the 401 bus straight to the East Coast. The journey took about one and a half hour.
During this time trip, we’ve done a lot of walking seriously. But I’m sure Jenny did a lot of jaywalking cuz her Jay Chou was in town for his 2-days concert and therefore everywhere she walked she must be seeing jay.
Somebody insisted that I put her pic

When we almost reached the park, raindrops started falling and I am sure everyone started cursing the sky. Luckily, it stopped after awhile so we could do our activity there. Yup, cycling again!!!! This was my 4th time cycling at the East Coast already. But this time it has the most people.
Never have I seen this many before. Perhaps it is because it was a Saturday evening. And therefore there were so many chicks! Either jogging, cycling or rollerblading. Some even with just bikini. Wow! That day must be Chin Keng’s happiest day.
Lim (right)
Chin Keng
Han Chee
Chiou Yann

Wei Chin trying to fly
Chin Keng hurt his brother

Such a big dog

We rent the bicycle at 5.15pm and we cycled for two hours. That is about 8km of journey. CK kept on showing his bike drifting skill to impress us and the girls nearby. And Choon Wah has finally learned how to cycle a bike properly. (Tutored by ACY, supported by Jenny and documented by Han Chee)
On the jetty


Wei Chin
Lim and CK
Two trying to follow the yellow shirt girl

We also met with Tiong and his friends at the beach. Wow, his Thai-Chinese mixed friend is pretty. But too bad all pretty girls are already attached nowadays..or most of them.

At 7.15pm we returned our bikes and cleaned ourselves in the bathroom. Lim, Wei Chin and I bought a cotton candy each. OMG, for soooo long I’ve never eat that! And WC, CK and I also bought a pair of Billabong pants each for only S$5/pair. But fake one of course. Hehe.
Very sweet..the candy
We left the coast to Bedok station by bus 401 but we wrongly board the bus at the opposite direction so the bus took us one BIG round journey and wasted quite some time. I made full use of the time by taking a nap in the bus.
Our initial plan was to head back to City Square, JB for Secret Recipe but it was kinda late and we afraid it would be closed by the time we reached back so we took our dinner in the food court next to Bedok Interchange station.
Dunno what happened on that day, there were so many people until we hardly find seats so we gotta share our place with the others. After dinner we took the MRT straight back to Kranji station and board the 170 bus back to our beloved country. =]
As it was kinda late and there were so many of us, we took cab back to UTM instead of public bus. It was 12am when I reached back my hostel.

*till now I still can't forget the girl at the locker. =p


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