Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Not Happy New Year

HELLO. I am back to my university. Arrived here on Sunday noon with my roommate, Choon Wah. Most of our course mates were already coming back on that day. To my suprise our room now has a grill installed on the window. That means we don't have to worry opening the windows when sleeping at night as we are staying at the ground floor.

We cleaned and wiped our room which was kept empty for a whole month. And collect back our stuff that we stored in CK’s room during the holiday. And I found out that my electric kettle has gone. Don’t know fly where liao.
All geared up

CK and David cleaning their room
Clean at last
Anyway, yesterday was the first day of studio class and it was already giving us a BIG headache. First day of uni itself got already got project to do. Our lecturer, Ar. Hong required us to take part in an architecture competition for our first project (out of three). And the dateline is in 2-3 weeks time.

The contest was given out on last November but we only got to start it yesterday. Two months time shorten become two weeks. This is really crazy lah.

As it is a group project so I am in the same group with Tiong, ACY and Han Chee. We were given to choose between two competitions: a community center in Leisure Farm, Johor and a medical clinic/institute in Nepal.

During the briefing
The formal one looks quite easy as the site is located quite near to our place and so we chose that for our projects. But it isn’t that easy as it sounds actually. We had a trouble finding ideas and concept for our design.

So yesterday after the competition briefing, Tiong, ACY and I went to Jusco’s Starbucks to look for information online as we had to propose some ideas later at night. Ar. Hong said that he want to have a brainstorm session on that night.
Tiong and I

So on the night of New Year eve we stayed in the studio listening to our lecturer talked so deeply until all of us starting to crack our brains. The project wants ‘green’ in the design but he said that green doesn’t mean just trees and nature but something else. He said that we must use passion and all our heart to think. I am still figuring what kind of ‘green’ he really want.

Well, although this first project is already given us enough pressure but I think he’s quite a good lecturer. He knows many things and talks a lot. He can talk non-stop from current issues to business and all the way to cow dunk and etc. And he laughs in such a cute way too. Hehe.

After the session we went for dinner at about 10pm and back to our hostel before 12am or else will kena saman by the uni!!

So that’s how I celebrate my New Year eve. No countdown, no parties, no fireworks. Cham.

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