Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Kung Fu Day Out

Update: A sequal to this show is already in progress. Can't wait for it.

MAYBE I haven’t watch Kung Fu film for some time. Or maybe I seldom watch Hong Kong film in the cinema. But I must say that this movie Ip Man (pronounced as 'Yip Mun' and not I.P. Man, Iron Man etc) is really good. I give it a two thumbs up!!
The best martial art movie I ever seen

I was watching it with Nicholas in MidValley a while ago and it totally blew me off. The Wing Chun style kung fu somehow did put us Chinese in a proud stand. Even the Japanese karate can’t beat it. I was also impressed by the fast paced move of every action. Totally awesome!
One of the fight scene

After the show ended, I could see that people were very satisfied on the movie, with all the expressions and comments. The kick, the punch and the flips were all being well-choreographed (by Sammo Hung). Suddenly I can feel the spirit of being a Chinese.

Nicholas and I was discussing whether this movie will be shown in Japan. Cuz it showed some irritated sides of the Japanese during the occupation time. I am not standing on any side, just saying that the Japanese era did give us especially the elder generations a big impact. Even until now people still can forget and forgive of what had happened.

One thing that the movie didn’t disappoint me was, Ip Man didn’t die in the hand of the Japanese. He stood and fight for what the people and the country deserves. On the other hand, he seems like a good and calm person as well as a loving husband and dad.

Ip Man (叶问) and one of his student, Bruce Lee in real life

Ip Man (potrayed by Donnie Yen) on the set

Okay, I shall not reveal too much about it.

Also, if you remember the GTO Japanese drama during our Form 3 time, there is a guy who you might find familiar in the show. =)

Conclusion, it is very worth for the RM12 ticket we paid.

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