Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pop, Goes My Heart

WATCHED ‘Music & Lyrics’ last night. The show, starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, has been out for quite some time already. The song ‘Way Back Into Love’ is really nice. I prefer the version where Hugh and Drew sing together, than the one he sings with the other singer, Cora.

I like some of the other songs as well. The melody is wonderful. The piano is beautiful. How I wish to have my own grand piano in a hall in my very own house next time.

Way back into love~


LOOK! Something has finally grown!
See the root?


Found some old passports while I was tidying the room. By looking at past photos you will know how big (or old) you've grown. Haha.

Young me


Remember the 'Street Fighter' game we used to play on the game console back in the 90's? Coming soon on 2009, a movie based on that game will be released on Febuary 27th. Although there was a Street Fighter movie back in 1994, I bet this one is going to be a better one.

The old old one

Cuz there is Kristen Kreuk in it, acting as Chun Li! According to the sources online, this show will focus more on her and her journey to justice, as the title of the movie is 'The Legend of Chun Li'.

Catch up soon


Cynthia Yong said...

music and lyrics is awesome! by the way, the young you look very cute!

Jimmy said...

haha. everybody looks cute during their childhood times =p