Tuesday, December 09, 2008


GOOD morning! Today I got up quite early as I am leaving KL soon. In one and a half hour's time LCC and I am gonna meet Hui San in Kepong Sentral and off we go to the north, to continue our road trip journey.

Will be staying at friends' house and some guestshouses during these few days cz we do not intend to spend too much on this budget trip. What we wana keep are nice memories and photos, photos, photos!

These are the few places which we will be dropping by. Hope the raining season will not spoil our planned-but-unplanned trip. =)

Gua Tempuruuung
Pulau Paaangkor

Will update more when I am back or if I get any connection later. Till then!


KY said...

did you enjoy the traffic jam? lol

Jimmy said...

hmm..not really la. the traffic was quite smooth from kl up to the north =)