Saturday, December 12, 2009

End of Semester Break

TOMORROW I'll be heading back to Johor with Choon Wah. Some checklists:

Change of new absorbers?


Change of new exhaust pipe?


Air con?


New coat of paint?


The holiday seems to end so fast. Out of the four weeks break, two weeks was spent on the Borneo trip, one week helping dad in office, and another week staying at home rotting. That is how I spent my holiday basically. It's time for a new semester and new subjects and new studio and new lecturer but old UTM wtf.

Journey begins again

There is one thing I still miss though.

The Christmas shopping and sales in KL =(

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Other Part of KL

This is in Kuala Lumpur, between Jalan Travers and Jalan Bangsar:
The area around KL Sentral

And this is in Tokyo, Japan:

See some similarities? =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally, This It It. Eeoww!!

IN less than two weeks' time, I'll be going to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It!

This is it. Ini pun dia.

It is a concert film starring MJ and some scenes of the concert's rehearsal before his sudden death in June. The show is scheduled to released on 28th October 2009 and a day later in Malaysia. It will be only in cinema for two weeks and therefore to avoid any disappointment I've asked Jean to help me get the ticket at the Cathay Cineplex after my birthday dinner last night.

Just a moment ago Ning surprised me with the tickets that Jean has successfully gotten. Many thanks to her. I am so excited now!!

Can't wait.. =)

Friday, October 23, 2009


TODAY. Is my birthday.

 Me and Tiong
Tiong shares the same birth date as me. Many thanks to those who celebrated for us nearby the studio.  And Sia Fern always appear at the wrong time and at the wrong place. Nevertheless it was a great surprise attempt ;-)
The crazy people in studio (Jason Mraz and the bride)

Thank you guys and girls.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Architectural Houses and Korean Dinner

DURING the Raya break I was back at KL with Ning. One day we've decided to tour around some area where I seldom been, some area that has beautiful houses. Ya know, those houses that goes BOOM and shout 'ME'!

Talking about nice houses, I will usually think of Damansara Height, Bukit Damansara or the Bangsar area. These areas have a higher number of bungalows and nice mansions. I suppose many Datuks or angmohs are staying around there.

So off we go!!!

Referring map for location

I came from the road Jalan Istana towards Jalan Damansara, passing by the Istana Negara, National Museum and Galleria Sri Perdana (residence of Tun Mahathir from year 1983-1999). There you'll find interesting houses and surprisingly the area is kinda secluded and there are many trees along that hilly area.

 This is Idamansara at Damansara Heights

 A Castle-like house

I call this the louver house =) 

Then we have one that looks like a...ship?

Coming out from Damansara Heights to the Pusat Bandar Damansara (PBD), we then continued to Bukit Damansara at the other side of PBD. It is another hilly area where they are many houses built along the steep, contour area.
 Such as this one

 This cantilevered house can be seen from Jalan Beringin

The National Science Centre which is also located nearby at Mont Kiara

There is one particular highlight for our jalan-jalan cari rumah - the YTL Residence. Previously I was searching for this HUGE mansion owned and resided by the three generation of Tan Sri Dato' Seri Yeoh Tiong Lay and luckily I found it. This time I wanted to brought Ning to see the house.

There is a security at the entrance

I didn't take much of its photo fearing that the guard will come and stop us. The only photos of the inside  I could get is from the internet. Amazing house you can find in Malaysia huh. It is just unbelievable!

 (Source) Click here for more info

(Source) Look at the scale between the snake-like house and its neighbouring mansions

Later on, we headed to Mont Kiara since we were nearby the area. I saw an APT hair saloon and decided to had my haircut there. RM25 for cut and wash by junior stylist. And I pretty much like it!


 Hello, it's me. BOOM!

After the haircut, I brought Ning to Plaza Mont Kiara for a Korean meal. That was actual the plan for bringing her out for a dinner. However to my dissapointment the restaurant where I planned to bring her was under renovation (or closed down I don't know) so we changed to another location in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Sura - One of the restaurant the hairdresser recommended me earlier

Ooo..use charcoal one

 Hungry Ning

 Starving me

There was only us and another table of people in the restaurant. My guess it because it was a weekday, hence the less customer. Anyway, we ordered one set of beef and another set of pork as recommended by the waiter. So here goes:

 As usual, Korean meal comes with lots of side dishes

 Steamed egg

BBQ beef

Roll-up the beef filled lettuce with some sause

 We couldn't finished the side dishes as it was already close to full

Fruits and dessert are served after the meal

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Uncle Lim's Wonderland

DURING the Raya break, my family and I together with Ning decided to go to Genting Highlands since it' has been a long time we went up there. Also Jenny and Joseph will be checking-in on that day. We could meet up for a while up there.

We departed at eight in the morning.

On the way up, we stopped by at Gohtong Jaya to visit Lim Goh Tong's memorial. Uncle Lim was the founder of Genting by the way. His passing two years ago was a great lost to many.

All crafted out of wood (except the flowers)

Amazing isn't it?

This is, my lovely sister

My birthday (is coming) = his death

His eyes are so REAL

Ning, the orchid girl

Dad asked if we wanted to take the cable car ride up but we didn't so we went straight up to the peak by car. On the halfway we stopped at the Chin Swee Temple for a walk and some photo shooting.

The moment we got down the car, I could feel the cool wind blowing towards us eventhough the sun was shinning at us.

The moment we got down the car, I could feel the cool wind blowing towards us eventhough the sun was shinning at us.
The view was breathtaking

That is what I like about being up on Genting.

I never really visited this place before although it is one of the attraction in Genting
Luckily I brought along my binoculars. I could see KL!
And even some apartments nearby my house.

Trying out the wide screen mode

Mammi and Mei mei

After visiting the temple, we continued up to the top. We parked at the open car park area near to First World Hotel and had our breakfast there. =)

The Ria Apartment. Used to stayed here with friends and 
heard many spooky stories happened here

Foggy weather. I like

Early in the morning, mum prepared mayonaise egg
and sambal ikan bilis together with rice

For the first time we utilised the picnic table stored in the boot of dad's car

It was a school holiday and there was a lot of people on Genting. We didn't intend to play in the theme park so we just walked around and to enjoy the cool breeze.

Dad looking at the model of Genting in First World Hotel

Some shots of the model:

Whoa! Check out the most expensive rate!

I brought Ning into the Starworld casino at the First World Hotel. We didn't play cuz we didn't know how to and more importantly we don't have 'the enough cash'. Haha. Inside there, I saw people throwing out cash RM5000 just like that and a while later, there are gone just like that. *snap finger*

Some outdoor pictures:

Mum, sis and dad

We didn't enter the theme park. Took this before the entrance gate

The all-time favourite, Space Shot

I remember my first time riding that when I went there with my family and relatives. I couldn't remember why I wanted to try that but I did ride on it, alone. At that time, the whole thing would shoot you up from the bottom instead of dropping at the top.

The Awana Skyway

Highland Hotel. Heard got many 'business' there? *ehem*

This is the Visitor Galleria where many things about Genting are being displayed here

There is another set of huge Genting model.
I like models

The Genting Skyway covered with silver

Dad contacted his friend who was on Genting at that time. He said that he might able to get a free room for us but we had to wait till 3pm (the check-out time). If there was one, Ning, my sis and I could stay for a night there.
And so we waited in the First World Plaza

It is weird but amazing to see how the candy melts

Bubbly bubble

Shot from the place I sat

Not too long later, dad's friend called and so sad to hear that there wasn't any room left for us. If we informed his friend a day earlier, there might be more chances. Aiks.

It was 3.15pm and we've got nothing much to do already. Therefore it was time to head down to KL.

The monorail, flying coaster and the space shot

Lastly, a reflection shot

Bye bye. It jammed jitty all the way down