Sunday, October 04, 2009

Architectural Houses and Korean Dinner

DURING the Raya break I was back at KL with Ning. One day we've decided to tour around some area where I seldom been, some area that has beautiful houses. Ya know, those houses that goes BOOM and shout 'ME'!

Talking about nice houses, I will usually think of Damansara Height, Bukit Damansara or the Bangsar area. These areas have a higher number of bungalows and nice mansions. I suppose many Datuks or angmohs are staying around there.

So off we go!!!

Referring map for location

I came from the road Jalan Istana towards Jalan Damansara, passing by the Istana Negara, National Museum and Galleria Sri Perdana (residence of Tun Mahathir from year 1983-1999). There you'll find interesting houses and surprisingly the area is kinda secluded and there are many trees along that hilly area.

 This is Idamansara at Damansara Heights

 A Castle-like house

I call this the louver house =) 

Then we have one that looks like a...ship?

Coming out from Damansara Heights to the Pusat Bandar Damansara (PBD), we then continued to Bukit Damansara at the other side of PBD. It is another hilly area where they are many houses built along the steep, contour area.
 Such as this one

 This cantilevered house can be seen from Jalan Beringin

The National Science Centre which is also located nearby at Mont Kiara

There is one particular highlight for our jalan-jalan cari rumah - the YTL Residence. Previously I was searching for this HUGE mansion owned and resided by the three generation of Tan Sri Dato' Seri Yeoh Tiong Lay and luckily I found it. This time I wanted to brought Ning to see the house.

There is a security at the entrance

I didn't take much of its photo fearing that the guard will come and stop us. The only photos of the inside  I could get is from the internet. Amazing house you can find in Malaysia huh. It is just unbelievable!

 (Source) Click here for more info

(Source) Look at the scale between the snake-like house and its neighbouring mansions

Later on, we headed to Mont Kiara since we were nearby the area. I saw an APT hair saloon and decided to had my haircut there. RM25 for cut and wash by junior stylist. And I pretty much like it!


 Hello, it's me. BOOM!

After the haircut, I brought Ning to Plaza Mont Kiara for a Korean meal. That was actual the plan for bringing her out for a dinner. However to my dissapointment the restaurant where I planned to bring her was under renovation (or closed down I don't know) so we changed to another location in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Sura - One of the restaurant the hairdresser recommended me earlier

Ooo..use charcoal one

 Hungry Ning

 Starving me

There was only us and another table of people in the restaurant. My guess it because it was a weekday, hence the less customer. Anyway, we ordered one set of beef and another set of pork as recommended by the waiter. So here goes:

 As usual, Korean meal comes with lots of side dishes

 Steamed egg

BBQ beef

Roll-up the beef filled lettuce with some sause

 We couldn't finished the side dishes as it was already close to full

Fruits and dessert are served after the meal


ME said...

wei...enuf with the boom and 'me' thing hor...

s0hp0h said...

lolol it really BOOMS and shouts YOU haha.. eh, whr's this korean place? looks really good

Jimmy said...

hi there! it is located at desa sri hartamas. nearby Soulout that area. located at the first floor of the shophouses, above 7Eleven. =)

Tenshi said...

Hey, wondering, does SURA opens on Sunday? =)

Jimmy said...

tenshi: im sorry im not sure either. the day that i went was a wednesday. can't find any info on the internet too.

Tenshi said...

Yeah, same here, I've tried to search for their info but couldn't get any too... Thanks anyway! Good Day! =)

Jimmy said...

tenshi: hey, u can contact Sura at 03-23001591. i just realised that i have the card. =)