Friday, February 29, 2008

FuturArc Award Presentation in KL – Day 3

IT was a Wednesday afternoon, I brought my friends to Ampang for its famous yong tau foo. The service there was good and the dishes came in very quick. Not more than one minute after I've ordered, they arrived!
30 pieces of yong tau foo, deep fried wanton and a vege
Macam budak kecil
After our brunch we went to Sunway Pyramid. Tiong dropped us at the mall and he went off to look for his friends in Taylor's. So the four of us (Jenny, Han Chee, Chiou Yann and me) just walk around the mall. I've never shopped there for so long already and it has really changed alot.

We went to Sunway at the first place because othere would be a Backstreet's Boys concert held there on that night and our No.1 BSB fan, Chiou Yann has bought herself a ticket few weeks back.

She got the RM88 ticket and it was a free standing ticket. Therefore she gotta went in earlier to get the front line.
The concert was held at the Sunway Surf Beach. They actually dried up part of the pool create a bigger area for the people during the concert. Han Chee, Jenny and I actually thought of looking for a place in Sunway Pyramid to look at the concert across but some part of it was blocked by the trees below and so we gave up in the end.
Sunway surf beach (middle one)
Rest of the photos taken in the pyramid:
I like this Marrakesh street
Nice isn't it?
As Chiou Yann was looking a 'condom' bag for her new handphone we found something playful and weird. I believe that was the best stuff we bought in the whole KL trip.
It has worms too
While Chiou Yann was away watching her BSB concert at Sunway Lagoon, the rest of us went for a movie. Tiong and 3 of his friends joined us as well. At first we planned to watch 'Step Up 2' but the ticket was selling hot that day and it only left the first two rows so we opted for 'Vantage Point' instead.

It was a pretty nice movie filled with anticipation..with the actions and bomb bomb stuff. Basically the storyline is quite short and the story keeps on repeating itself but it was shot in different characters' point of view and therefore it dragged till quite long. I personally found it quite interesting.

Meanwhile, some photos from Sunway Lagoon:
One of the Channel V VJ
The stage and the Resort Hotel at the back
Backstreet's back

That's Howie
Show them the meaning of being lonely

After everything was over, Tiong suggested supper and he asked his friends along. We went to this place called Murni in SS2. The area seemed so familiar the moment reached there. Then only I found out that is Mr Loo's area. Last time I used to go there every week for physics tuition. But I didn't score very well in my STPM paper =p

While waiting for Tiong's friends before heading for supper, Chiou Yann and Han Chee went to the apartment's pool... wash their feet

On the next day and also the last day in KL, we went to have pan mee nearby my house. The pan mee there is delicious as it always get a lot of customers. And they enjoyed it very much! =)

As long as there's food, she'll be happy. '我要!'
While on the way back to JB, we stopped at Seremban to get some siew paos for our fellow coursemates. We only bought 10 pieces and it would not be enough for everyone so I just gave it to the guys. Perhaps next time for the girls.

FuturArc Award Presentation in KL – Day 2

We woke up at 6 in the morning as we had to get ready for breakfast before checking out the room at 7.30am...supposingly.
In the room before leaving
When we checked-in a day before, the receptionist told us that we could either have our breakfast in the on the ground floor cafe, or at the 17th floor executive lounge but the menu will be quite limited.
So having the chance to stay in an Executive Floor, of course we chose the executive lounge. Furthermore we don’t need many choices for our menu as the time is quite rush for us before leaving to the convention centre.
One thing of having our breakfast in the lounge was that there were not many people and therefore we didn't have to queue for the food. And hey, they even have yogurts!

Having breakfast in the Executive Lounge
After breakfast and checkin-out the hotel we left for Sime Darby Convention Centre which is just about 10 minutes away. We were told by one of the staff in charge to be there at 8am but we reached there 15 minutes later. No worry! Cuz according to the schedule, the forum was supposed to start at 8.30am and it started about an hour later.
There were many speakers invited to attend and present during the forum. One of them is a famous Malaysian architect, Ken Yeang. Others included Dr, Deo Prasad (Australia), Dr. Nilman Kishnani (Singapore)m Ulf Meyer (Germany) etc.
Sime Darby Convention Centre

The folder each of us got, with a latest copy of FuturArc in it

Outside the seminar room

Some exhibition from Autodesk, Philips, Kholer etc.

This toiletbowl costs RM20,000!

Us with our presentation board (most bottom)

Other award winners' works
Before the forum started
Umbrella-liked lightings
Dr. Ken Yeang giving presentation on Green Building
The most precious photo of the day, with Dr. Ken =)
During the tea break
Opps, gotcha =p
Then it was lunch time, we were asked to go to the room next door and find our table according to the tag given to us earlier. To our suprise, we were actually invited to one of the VIP tables. There were 10 seats per table but only 5 of us and 1 other guy on our table. Which means we will be eating a bigger portion of the dishes. Wahaha...Jenny must be very happy! =p
The menu included: sze chuan soup, steamed siakap, buttered prawns (I ate at least 3!!), chicken with lemon sause, fried rice etc. It's all worth it.
The dining hall
This is the only guy who shared the table with us
Paying attention to him
During the lunch there were some interval breaks for speech and a presentation. I found out a very familiar face in the hall and managed to ask Jenny secretly snapped some photos of him. Hehe.
The award presentation for the top 10 architect firms in Malaysia
This guy really look alot like Mr Bean. Hehe =p

After the meal, we continued the forum and that was the time I felt very sleepy. I woke up so ealry in the morning and had to stay until around six in the evning. Chiou Yann just dozed off while one of the speakers was presenting.
Next was the awards ceremony where all of us suddenly became so fresh again. At first, they annouced all the winners and their categories and prizes except for the Malaysian ones. They kept it for the last.
There were only three Malaysians winners overall. Most of the other winners are from NUS Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. So Tiong represented the group to receive the award, which was a certificate from FuturArc. A S$6000 worth of Autodest Revit software license was given later off the stage. And there will be a two-days lesson of training in Singapore, at any days of our choice. As well as a two-year subscription to FuturArc journal.

All of us with our certs presented by the managing director of FuturArc, Thor Kerr
Miss Antara passing Tiong the Autodesk product
She's a nice lady and promised to bring us shopping in Singapore
Each of us will get one soon when we attend the training in Singapore
Last program of the day, Q&A session
After everything finished, we went to meet one member of the panel of jury, Dr. Deo Prasad to ask for some comments on our entry and chat a little bit. He was suprised to find out that we were only a second year student. Cuz according to him, normally most of the winners are from their final year in the course.
Having some small chat
We then headed to Ulu Langat for dinner. I brought them to this place called Lookout Point where it is located on top the hill and from there there is a stretch of KL view to enjoy. It was my 3rd time there and it wasn't that windy compared to the last time I came with Khong Jin.
But anyhow, I'm sure they enjoyed the view at night. Only at night! cuz in the morning in the city is all haze and smoke. KL is so polluted wei! Must learn how to be sustainable and greeeen already.
Some pics from Lookout Point:

The sky is...
...getting darker..
..and darker
Group photo. I like the beam shine from the 'jagung'