Friday, February 15, 2008

Love Actually

SOME days ago before the Valentine’s day Tiong and Hui San came out with an idea to celebrate this occasion.

You see, almost all the chinese girls from 2nd year architecture course UTM are already attached and living happily I suppose. And we guys are still waiting…and waiting (for gold to drop). Believe it or not, all chinese guys from my course, except for one, are still single at the moment.

So, the plan was to ask the girls to ramdonly pick their guy partner for Valentine’s Day and we will all go out for a dinner in a group. I was picked by Siew Wei initially but unfortunately she couldn’t make it on the last minute cuz she had an interesting business opportunity in Danga Bay – singing and selling roses to couples on Valentine's night.

In the end I got Sing Ning as my partner. At first she was a bit reluctant to go cuz she had some financial difficulties as her car was sent for repair some days ago….and I was afraid she might be having plans with her boyfriend on that night.

Jean too was supposed to join us but her boy boy had plans for her already. Moreover her partner for that night is Steven. Her boy boy will be not quite happy if he finds that out.

And Jon will probably upset if his girl was going to have Liang (one of the most good-looking guy in the whole architecture course) as her partner.

Carrefour Correction: Cafu also reminded Yee Wei some things that should not be done during the dinner. There were some precautions to be aware of.

No matter what, it was just a dinner among us course mates except for that this time it is on a different occassion. I think there is nothing much to be so worried about. All your girls are safe with us ;)

I am so grateful to Sing Ning for able to attend the dinner and be my partner for that night. Hehe. And so I'd prepared a little suprise for her.

Fifteen of us went to the dinner last night. But wait, how come it's an odd number? Because hor...because on the very last minute Sim decided to join us and she couldn’t find a partner. All guys had already been 'grabbed' by the others (except for those who were not interested in going for the dinner).

So anyway here are the couples for the night:

2) 3)
4) 5) 6) 7)
We went to this restaurant called Yew’s Café & Bistro nearby the New York Hotel. The place was recommended by Tiong and the ambience there was nice and romantic. A perfect place for a Valentine's night.

However on that night, the food was slightly expensive. Serving mainly steaks and seafood. And some drinks with facinating name, which was actually soda drinks, milkshake etc. There was also a Valentine’s Dinner Set which costs RM79.90 per person. Plus a small free gift for the ladies.

Since the price of the food was quite ehem…out of our expectation, we (Tiong, Hui San, Sing Ning and me) ordered the dinner set and added one more main dish to be shared among the four of us. Which means each couple will be sharing one main course. That showed how romantic poor we were. =p

Tiong chose the beef with red wine something something while I ordered the charcoal lamb something something. Both dish have king prawn and the prawn was super super delicious. Big and juicy!! The steaks were not bad too. I like the sause pretty much.
Our set meal:
After eating. Hehe

Some random pics:

All of us

There was an area very suitable for potrait shooting, with all the lightings and background setting, so we did this:

All models above have been professionally trained

We continued outside the café:
The ladies
The gentlemen

After snapping enough photos and making enough 'commotion' inside the restaurant, we went to Danga Bay to look for Siew Wei who was singing there.

We met her with some of our seniors in a café called Rose Garden. By that time she has already finished singing so we all just sat there, listening to other singing performance and watched the fireworks (it was the 8th day of CNY – celebrating the Jade’s Emperor birthday).

Awhile later we splited into two groups: one headed back to uni and the other went to Skudai’s McD for second round!!! I followed the latter cuz was't that full enough for the dinner earlier. Hehe. After eating, David and Yee Wei became Tiong’s photo shoot models.
Behind the scene

It doesn't mean we can celebrate this day only if we have a lover. As long as everybody feels happy and comfortable together, any celebration can also be spent together. Even if it's just getting a high score in spelling test. That's how enjoyable uni life should be.
And that's also how I spent the Valentine's Day with my coursemates this year. Will it be the same again next year? Hehe.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

photo credits: Tiong and Chiou Yann


yee mei said...

wah. so cooll man. i like the lighting!
it make people look better!

Jimmy said...

yaya. very nice the place. come la to jb then to singapore (to find jfai)all of u. so i can bring u all around. hehe