Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Red Boxing

KAR Seng, an ex-classmate called for a gathering yesterday at Redbox, Low Yat Plaza. 11 of us came. Well, we did have fun singing and shouting all the way through. The session started at 2pm and as usual, some arrived fashionable late.

Redbox is having this student price package, where you only have to pay RM5++ (with 2 drinks). And sing as you like from 2pm - 7pm. Just don't forget to bring your student card to enjoy this special rate.

L-R: Zhi Hong, Hon Siong, Bee Ying, Me, Sok Fong, Lup Kee, Choon Wah, Loo Lim, Kar Seng, Jason Yong, Mun Seong
And since Chinese New Year is coming in a few months time, we also sang 'Cai Shen Dao' to bring up the spirit! ^^
I was supposed to leave for Lumut this afternoon and have a night stay before leaving for Pangkor the next day. However there was some changes and I am leaving tomorrow morning straight to the island.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


WOW! I'm glad I still remember my blogger usename and password. Hehe. It's been 2 months I never write something here. Uni life always been busy when it comes to the final and I hardly could find time to online.

I really missed out many things to be blogged.

Thank god everything is over. The final project presentation, the exams and the portfolio. Although I couldn't manage to get an A grade for the overall studio assesments. But I am satisfied with what I got ;)

So now here comes the holiday!!

Holiday = Trips + friends + doing crazy stuffs

Before the holiday we've been discussing of where to go and what to do during the semester break. I do not wish to mention the trips here right now.

So you guys just have to wait and find out more. Hehe *suprise*

Pssst: It's only been two days but I am already starting to miss you.