Friday, December 28, 2007

Farewell 2007

SO finally we have come to an end of 2007. Few days later I’ll going back to the lousy university. Yeah, lousy cuz the internet connection in the hostel is so soo sooo sloooow. And the food there sucks! There is only ONE Chinese stall in the whole university. So freaking lousy!
University Tiru Meniru (UTM)
Also have to get back to uni life already. Projects, assignments, sleepless nights, then sick due to lack of sleep.
My hostel block
But on the other hand, I will get to meet my coursemates again. After 1 month of missing seeing each other, I’m sure we have much to discuss and crap about. And hope CK will bring more “supply” to the hostel.
That's CK
I never did much during this holiday. Didn’t find a job, didn’t go for a long trip (except the Genting one) and basically just laid at home and did nothing. Once awhile met up with some friends for yamcha and movie session. That’s all.
GSC Pavilion
This coming semester I’ll be joining Ar. Hong’s environmental workbase. Some friends from his previous batch said that he is not that good, he didn’t crit much on our design until the very last minute and he always talk about business rather than architecture. I guess maybe that's his style.
However there were also some good comments on him: how he helped his student to save money on printing and most important of all, he gave fair and good grades to all for the final project! And, he is a Chinese! =) The ONLY Chinese lecturer in the whole 1st and 2nd year. Not so sure about the other years though.
OK so 2008 is coming and what is my new year resolution? Erm…well, as usual, hope everything will be smooth and nice (although it will not be sometimes, I know) and hope that I can meet my falling star anytime soon. =p
Haha. But mum always say: "Ming, study first lah….study first…"
So I guess just leave that to fate.
Flip-flop on my desk
One thing that I really really looking forward in 2008 is to travel to Canada and USA with my aunt’s family. Some weeks ago she asked me whether I’ll be free on this coming June cuz if I am, I can join them for a tour to Canada. They will also be going to visit my cousin brother who is currently studying in Seattle.
I was very very excited when I heard that but I would have to ask my dad first and guess what? He approved!!! I really can’t believe. Haha. I am going to land of ang moh for the first time if everything goes well next year.
One more thing my aunt told me that got me really high is that, if the plane transits at Japan, we might stay there for a day or two. Whoa…isn’t the trip too wonderful?! Hehe.
So what I'm gonna do when I return to uni is to confirm my sem break next year. Hopefully there will be no clashing with my measured drawing assignment, which I’ll be doing it in Negeri Sembilan on next mid-year.
At MidValley after watchin 'I Am Legend'
Last but no least, Happy new year to everyone! =)

Monday, December 24, 2007

How I Spend My Christmas

MERRY Christmas!!!'s already 12am now. Currently listening to 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' by Enya. Christmas, the season of joy and also love if you found one.

Time flies. I remembered how I spent my Christmas countdown last year with my fellow coursemates and friends at Clark Quay, Singapore.

However this year is little different, still in Singapore though.

Awhile ago all the relatives were here (at my aunt's house) for a stemboat dinner. At the same time we watched 881 or the Papaya Sisters which my uncle bought earlier. And the relatives have left before 12 cause some of the elderly were already feeling tired. Here I am now blogging and MSNing and listening to Christmas songs on youtube. Haha.

I arrived here on Singapore on the past 2 days with my family. This time we used the Second link cause dad said that they might be a massive jam on the Johor causeway.

On the first day we arrived it was already night time so the we only manage to go out gai gai and shopping (not for me) on the next day.

The following day we went to Bugis area. Mum and sister wanna buy some stuff and dad wana go to Sim Lim Square. And as for me, I went to the National Library cause I got nothing to buy. Just walk past the mall and see see around.

There are more things to read and see in the library. Hehe.

Some pics:

Some arts institute which featured in a magazine that I read before

Just completed not long ago one

Some vendors around OG area

Bugis Junction Complex

Model with nice gown

Eva Greens from Kompas Emas. Can take photo with her in the frame one.

We met at the OG entrance at about 4pm and met with other relatives there. Then all of us went inside the mall.

WAH LAO YEH!! So many humans inside!! Everybody is rushing for last minute X'mas shopping I guess. Long queues on the cashiers as well. The toys department especially are almost packed. I also went there to see some Lego toys. =p

Next, we took a bus to Orchard Road as mum wana go to Takashimaya. When we almost reached our stop, I also many 'flower cars' (mind me, I dunno what to call that..hehe) by the roadside, with many policemen guarding at the front. So after we got down, I quickly took some shot. And they were just about to leave . Nice timing!

From inside the bus

So colourful...not the taxis

Police police

One of the colourful colourful cars

As we were walking heading to Takashimaya, a lady was giving free gift wrappers to everyone. It's sponsered from Singtel.

Come, come! I don't wana squat anymore

The Christmas tree in Takashimaya was excatly the same as last year. Just like KLCC's, I think they used back the old one. But, it's much voltage on the tree!

Got model posed for me somemore. Hehe

Sis and cousin

Some displays the mall. Teddy bears as scarf and skirt

The streets of Orchard is always full of people, tourist and also performances and shows during this season of joy. The theme for this year is 'Christmas in the Tropics'.

A key favourite of the annual Christmas in the Tropics celebration is the Christmas Light-up, themed "A Fairytale Christmas" this year, with Scotts Road and the Orchard Road stretch from Tanglin Road to Plaza Singapura and the Marina Bay area from Hotel Rendezvous to Raffles Avenue transformed into a bewitching Crystal Forest decked with magnificent chandeliers, magic harps, glittering jewels, dazzling lights in red, gold and white, and even a magical carousel.

I have yet to see the whole Christmas light-up decorations of Orchard. Just saw part of it in front of Takashimaya.

In front of Takashimaya

Crystal forest

Choir in front of Takashimaya

And here are some pics of the steamboat dinner ealier:

One thing that I missed today!!!! I actually planned to watch 'Lust, Caution' but couldn't make it as the schedule was quite pack this afternoon. Was visiting relative's house and uncle's office. Soon gotta come back aunt's house preparing for dinner.

Hope I can catch it tomorrow before leaving for KL....cause I wanna watch the FULL version of that movie!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Girls Fight

I came across this video on youtube and this incident happened at Berjaya Times Square. I pity the guy who came to help.

You can make a girl angry but don't ever fight with them! =p

Ready to Take Off

Updated pics:

And I can't wait to board the plane
I started building the plane on the day I got the Lego itself. Hehe. Can't wait...

With the help of my cousin, this was what I maganed to do on that night:

Flying without wings

On the next day, I continued the unfinished part:

The engine

The wing
The tail fin
The horizontal stabilizer at the back
And the stand

All the parts were then joined together

And here is the my Boeing 787 Dreamliner...completed in less than 12 hours.
The cockpit

There are also some stickers for the plane but I didn't want to put them first as I might wana unbuild and rebuild it on the next time.

If I remove the stand,

the plane will be flying already =)


Monday, December 17, 2007

What's Your Childhood Toy?

WHEN I was young I loved Lego! I remember I had a Lego set of hospital and some little little ones like cars and helicopters. And I guess I don't really play them ever since I entered secondary school but my mum still keep all the sets until now.

Now those Legos are being played by my sister with my neighbour kid whom my mum is babysitting after. Sometimes I see them using the bricks to play masak-masak. -_-" This is how useful the bricks can be.

I remember how crazy I was about Lego last time. Whenever I was in the shopping malls, I would not fail to go to the toys department and see whether if there were any new Lego cataloges to take.

I like how the Legos are stacked up and how they can disassemble and change into many other things and stuff, in all the way you want! And what I liked the most is the train (with the rail tracks one) and it can be controlled by a switch.

Too bad my parents wasn't that rich to afford that at that time. I only could see and admire those displays on the malls and catalouges.

So during this holiday when I was back in KL, mum and I was walking in KLCC's Isetan and we saw a Lego plane which suddenly caught my attention. Suddenly I feel so like getting a Lego to play. And mum also said that the plane is nice!

And previously we went to a toy shop in Gardens and saw the Lego set again. But it costs about RM450!! The one in Isetan only RM250. So mum said that if can, we get the one in Isetan cause it's much cheaper.

It was not until yesterday I went to Gardens again, the price dropped to RM229!!! About 50% discount wei!!! Cause they are having this Christmas promotion.

I told my mum about it and today we went back to the place in Gardens and got that Lego plane set. Hehe.

So here it Christmas toy. TADA!!!! =)

A Boeing plane

Up to 21 also can what..

This is the actual dimention when the plane is built

Inside the box

In packets. So nice!!

And also got manual inside
Step by step instructions
Like building a real plane

Right now I can't wait to finish it! Exactly reminds me back to my childhood times =D