Monday, December 17, 2007

What's Your Childhood Toy?

WHEN I was young I loved Lego! I remember I had a Lego set of hospital and some little little ones like cars and helicopters. And I guess I don't really play them ever since I entered secondary school but my mum still keep all the sets until now.

Now those Legos are being played by my sister with my neighbour kid whom my mum is babysitting after. Sometimes I see them using the bricks to play masak-masak. -_-" This is how useful the bricks can be.

I remember how crazy I was about Lego last time. Whenever I was in the shopping malls, I would not fail to go to the toys department and see whether if there were any new Lego cataloges to take.

I like how the Legos are stacked up and how they can disassemble and change into many other things and stuff, in all the way you want! And what I liked the most is the train (with the rail tracks one) and it can be controlled by a switch.

Too bad my parents wasn't that rich to afford that at that time. I only could see and admire those displays on the malls and catalouges.

So during this holiday when I was back in KL, mum and I was walking in KLCC's Isetan and we saw a Lego plane which suddenly caught my attention. Suddenly I feel so like getting a Lego to play. And mum also said that the plane is nice!

And previously we went to a toy shop in Gardens and saw the Lego set again. But it costs about RM450!! The one in Isetan only RM250. So mum said that if can, we get the one in Isetan cause it's much cheaper.

It was not until yesterday I went to Gardens again, the price dropped to RM229!!! About 50% discount wei!!! Cause they are having this Christmas promotion.

I told my mum about it and today we went back to the place in Gardens and got that Lego plane set. Hehe.

So here it Christmas toy. TADA!!!! =)

A Boeing plane

Up to 21 also can what..

This is the actual dimention when the plane is built

Inside the box

In packets. So nice!!

And also got manual inside
Step by step instructions
Like building a real plane

Right now I can't wait to finish it! Exactly reminds me back to my childhood times =D


yee mei said...

omg, so cool!!
i used to have lego's also... the huge box with 3 compartments! brings back good memories huh..
eh u know, sometimes they have these toys like lego's warehouse in pj with lots of ppl. I'll let u know when they have it next time.

Jimmy said...

wah! warehouse??! means lower price? okay sure! must let me know k... i'll rush all the way back from jb. =)