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Today I went to Pavilion after sending my aunt off to Singapore at Times Square.
Last night Yee Mei told me in msn that Jian Fai is currently working in Pavilion so I decided to pay him a visit there. He is working in a café called Ochacha during his 4 months holiday break. Ochacha is a Japanese café which serves food and drink consists of green tea. There are green tea beverages, green tea cake, green tie pie and etc.
Located at the highest floor, opposite TGI Friday's

The price there is almost the same as starbucks. One drink will costs about RM8-12. But drinking green tea is good. It helps to detoxide your body. Hehe. Almost everything in the shop is green in colour and with a combination of timber. Feel so enviromental and nature.

Jian Fai (in black shirt) chatting with friend from another shop

And it even has WIFI service. That's good since I brought along my laptop there. Initially I plan was to go to Starbucks, ordered a drink and sit there to online for the whole day. But since there is WIFI in Ochacha, and my friend is working there, so I hit two birds with a stone. He even gave me 20% discount on the drink. So that’s three bird already.

Full connection. I never tried online in such public places
Starbucks is opposite. And the cinema is just right behind

'Ochacha Rocks' is the drink...RM10 after discount

Lunchtime, Jian Fai brought me to the food court at the lower ground level. It isn’t a typical food court. It is FOOD REPUBLIC! Yeah…like the one in Singapore Vivocity. However the design here is slightly different from our neighbor country. Here is more to modern concept.

We tried out the Teppan Yaki. Hmm…it is not the same from the normal teppanyaki restaurant. Our dishes are not serve on plates but aluminum foil. The foil is on the common plate where the chef cook or fry or grill our vege and meats in front of us so that to keep the dish warm.

The smoke and oil are being sucked to the side instead to the top
And we also got a 10% off as there is discount for Pavilion staff who dine in food outlets anywhere inside Pavilion. So next time go to eat anywhere in Pavilion must call Jian Fai along already. Hehe.
Jian Fai's chicken chop
My salmon

Other than Food Republic, there are many of dining outlets at the lower ground level. One of the famous one is the J.Co Donuts. I am sure many have heard of it before. Their doughnuts are so delicious that everyday people are willing to queue for a long time to buy them. And most of them buy from 1/2 a dozen to 2 dozen each time.
J.Co is origin from Indonesia
After meal, I walked around the mall. Many shops has opened compared to the last time I was here. It is getting more people now. Not as many as MidValley and KLCC though. This Pavilion is building is divided into two main parts. One is the shopping mall and the other is the entertainment mall where the cinema, karaoke, fitness centre and the cafe terraces are located.

The 'oudoor' side of Pavilion

Espirit café
I can say that this is one of my favourite malls in KL Somehow Pavilion KL attracted me so much that I will wana come here to try out all the food and the entertainment outlets. But money is the problem. =p Jian Fai also mentioned that the RedBox here is different from the rest. I wonder how it looks like at the inside.
Looking out to main entrance

Inside Pavilion

I like these bridges connecting the two opposide walkway
Compared to other shopping malls in the Klang Valley, Pavilion has a high floor-to-ceiling height, which psychologically makes one feel so comfortable walking in it. What I like most is the main concourse area at the center of the mall.
Upon entering the main entrance, courteous staff at the concierge would welcome you. Then walk straight down a series of steps with ceiling up to 5 storeys high and you will come to the concourse area, with the escalators arranged in zig-zag formation at the back of it.
One of the concierge counter
The large terrace which can be used as seats
The concourse area

And since Christmas is around the corner, the whole area a decorated with white Christmas trees and bells and lights. Very white Christmas feeling.

X'mas tree changes light colour

I headed back to Ochacha to continue enjoy the free WIFI service. Jian Fai served me with a free green tea drink and tried out the egg tart he bought earlier at Food Republic. Yum, it was soo nice! Soft in the middle and crispy on the crust.

The rain was still pouring at about 7pm. Had to choice but to walk under the rain with a newspaper to get home for dinner.
*Update: I found out that there is a 72 meter skybridge connecting from Pavilion all the way to KLCC Convention Center. Passing through Wisma Genting, Raja Chulan monorail station and Novotel Hotel. How cool is that! With this sheltered interconnection within the city, hope this will promote the public to walk instead of driving in KL. Hehe.

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