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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maple New Year

SO David, Ning, Bibiana and I were celebrating Chinese New Year in the Maple world.
We met up in Henesys before meeting up with a guy called Yuan Bao Fo.
And we went to a hidden place to play fire crackers.
Of course, a lion dance that could not be missed. Tok dong chiang~
And suddenly somebody turned into a cow and two I-can't-see-their-faces-giants.

Again, Happy Moo Year to all! =)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 牛 Year

THANKS to Sing Ning, I've been addicted to Maple Story lately. Hit, hit, hit and level up. That's what I do almost everyday. =) 

My sis used to play Maple Story last time (still playing I guess) and I always like to mock at her when she played that game. Haha. Look at me now! Nevertheless, I'm still a noob. So it'll take some time before I get familiar with the game.

I am in my grandma's house in Malacca now waiting for CNY to arrive. This holiday I won't be back to KL as it is quite troublesome for me to travel north and south again. Furthermore all the family members and relatives will be gather at Malacca during this festive season. And yesterday my cousin and I went to Muar to get a wireless router modem so that everybody can online in the house when they come back, which means..

I can play Maple everyday! XD

Mr Hong is the store keeper. Gong xi fa cai!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smile Everyone

WE were trying around the 'Smile Detection' feature on Chin Keng's Sony T700. Most cameras nowadays will have this technology built-in. Without having to press the shutter button, the camera will automatically capture the photo when it detects a smile. It worked pretty well! =D

 Fake Smmile of the day!

The workbase of Ar. Hong went to Singapore for their field trip and site study on Monday. And few of us from my workbase joined along.

Here are some shots:

How could you not see green in Singapore
Walking from the MRT station to IMM Plaza
Kopitiam Food Court
Outram Park Interchange
Bugis Entertainment Centre (Under Construction)
Victoria Street
Bus 170
Mini Cooper
The bus driver pose
The new JB CIQ

Photo credits to Jim's Nikon D90.
TESTING, testing. I am now trying out to blog offline using w.bloggar. CNY is getting closer and the many people has gone back home. My room mate has just left this morning and I'll be leaving the campus tomorrow as I've already promised to accompany someone until Thursday. This year's CNY break is longer than before, which means we will have more time to spend our holiday in hometown.
Last night I hit an animal while I was driving down from the hostel to the faculty. I think it was a small musang. Suddenly it ran out to the road and I had no time to break. I totally had no any itention *angel ring above my head* Just hope that I don't get any bad luck this CNY.
That's all.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yet Another Incident

SOME people just can't learn from mistakes. They think that they are the no.1 in the world and nothing beats them. They did something really stupid and never thought of the consequences. Only stupid people do things like that.

You know what, to me your are just a fool. And everybody's laughing at you. Ha! Ha! Don't ever give me that kind of 'pretending' look again or else I'll give you one tight slap on the face. So next time please stuck your head into your hole.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Danga Cruise

TODAY is 9th January. Happy birthday to Wei Chin!!

Anyway, we already had an advanced birthday celebration for him on last Sunday at Danga Bay.

We went for a dinner on cruise. RM50 for a person. And they will bring you out to sea for two hour.

The cruise we took
Ala (right) and the birthday boy
Buffet style
There were only 18 of us plus other two couples on board
On the deck outside
The lovebirds
The bow and the night view
The birthday boy
See what we got him?
A BIG ang pow

After the cruise, we went to the Danga Bay theme park.

The pirate ship

And everyone had a nice spin at the end of the day. =)