Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smile Everyone

WE were trying around the 'Smile Detection' feature on Chin Keng's Sony T700. Most cameras nowadays will have this technology built-in. Without having to press the shutter button, the camera will automatically capture the photo when it detects a smile. It worked pretty well! =D

 Fake Smmile of the day!

The workbase of Ar. Hong went to Singapore for their field trip and site study on Monday. And few of us from my workbase joined along.

Here are some shots:

How could you not see green in Singapore
Walking from the MRT station to IMM Plaza
Kopitiam Food Court
Outram Park Interchange
Bugis Entertainment Centre (Under Construction)
Victoria Street
Bus 170
Mini Cooper
The bus driver pose
The new JB CIQ

Photo credits to Jim's Nikon D90.


Jenny said...

how come i look soooo short beside u all at the 11th photo? T.T

Jimmy said...

hmm...something must be wrong.