Saturday, April 28, 2012

On Board the Titanic

IT was almost like a dream come true when I saw the Grand Staircase at the Titanic exhibition.
Majestically beautiful
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition located at the Marina Bay Sands Art Science Museum runs from 29th October 2012 until 28th April 2012. Ning and I went on the first day itself and I remember I was very excited throughout the whole day. Never been so happy!
Gallery entrance
We bought a combo ticket together with the Cartier Time Art gallery entrance. And another addition of SGD5 for a short movie - Ghost of the Abyss by the same award winning director of Titanic, James Cameron.
Inside the Art Science Museum
Ticket reception

Before entering the Titanic Artifact exhibition, we were each given a 'boarding pass' with name of a selected passenger who boarded the ship in 1912. And Captain Smith was there to greet the visitors and kind enough to offer a photo session with everyone one of us.
A ticket to ride

with Captain Edward Smith
For the first part of the exhibition, stories on how this legendary ship was designed and constructed are being  told. The artifacts recovered from the seabed being displayed in glass boxes. Artifacts such as shirts, utensils, steel bars, basins and even chair are some of the items being displayed. Some of them are rusted and worn out but quite a number of them still looked new like they'd never been used before.

Inside the gallery, some parts of the ship were remade and created to give visitors a feel what was like being on board the Titanic. Here are some shots which I managed to take. (photo taking are actually prohibited inside oopss..)
First class corridor. Looks classy enough!
The promenade deck. I like how they use the mirror to give a longer illusion of the area.
2nd class cabin. Shaky cuz the ship was moving haha. *joking*

A mini 'iceberg' for you to put and hands on and feel the freezing point
The Boiler Room (again the same mirror effect is used)
List of passengers sorted according to class type and survived/dead. Notice the dead list on the 3rd class passenger and crew
Guests leaving some feedback and thoughts at the end of the gallery

It took us about two hour to complete to exhibition. I almost forgotten to mention that the background music fitted perfectly for the gallery. Wonderful but tragic at the same time.
At the grand staircase
I enjoyed it so much that I went for the second time three months after when my parents came visiting Singapore. Just felt like I should bring them to see this. And my mum liked it as well. A 100th anniversary to Titanic!
A scale model of Titanic displayed at The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands

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