Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yee Sang

On the 8th day of Chinese Yew Year, fellow 1st year archi students having some stir in the hostel room. Enjoy~

Friday, February 16, 2007

In Memories


Jit Ming's K610i

used for 4 months
passed away unpeacefully on 22-12-06
leaving behind:

Beloved Owner: Tan Jit Ming

512Kb M2 Memory Card
USB Cable
Screen Protector

Bluetooth Friends:
Bee Li's T630
Chiou Yann's W810i
Han Chee's K700i
Jian Fai's K750i
Sharon's K750i
Taw Jin's K618i
Khong Jin's Motorola RAZR V3
Chin Keng's Nokia N70

My deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to my Sony Ericsson K610i. We (the owner, charger, cable and memory card) will miss and dearly remember you always.
There will be no funeral and crematorium. However, all donations are accepted. The owner can be contacted at jitming@hotmail.com

I just thought of doing a proper way to say goodbye to my first ever 3G mobile phone. And here it is, on my 100th post.

Three Easy Steps

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:

YUM YUM! I love pizza. Just had a homemade pizza for lunch. Well, it didn't taste as delicious as Pizza Hut's but I still manage to finish it. The crust wasn't baked long enough. Either the cheese or the sause has too much of MSG. Felt so thirsty after eating the whole pizza.

Today will be my last day in KL. Tomorrow going back to Grandma's house in Malacca. Chinese New Year is just around the corner. However this CNY can't house hopping to every friend's house in KL.

Next Tuesday I am following my aunt to Singapore. Then on the next day I have to head back to uni to prepare for class starting on Thursday. First day of class and I'll be having a quiz on my structurer subject.

And also the projects. Have to finish them by next Friday.

Happy BABI year!

( '(00)' )

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Nokia Handphone

WAKE up today at almost noon.

Went downstairs, saw a posted mail for me. I recognise the handwriting, and also the stamp chop. It looks just like the letter I received the day before. It must be from the same letter. But why in two different mail?

Yesterday I received a Chinese New Year card from that particular friend. What could it be today? A Valentine's Day card? Another Chinese New Year Card? Or a Christmas Card?


When I opened the mail, to my a suprise.....it is a HANDPHONE! A Nokia 6300!!

Oh so sweet, a valentine's gift from her.


Hahaha. No la. Where got so good receive this kind of gift?! This is what I got actually.

An ultra slim handphone which is foldable. And it comes with BIG screen too.
Anyway I appreciate that very much. I can't believe that you took the effort to draw that and mail to me! Thanks Bee Li =)

A Choice to Choose My Date

IF I had a choice to choose who I wana date during this Valentine's Day. It would definately be Vanessa. She is a girl from my course.

It's not that I fell in love with her or I love her so much. The truth is, she is the girl where I think almost every guys will not fail trying to ask her out on that day. I dunno how to explain that. She has the 'attractiveness' which makes me want her to be my valentine's date without any hesitation.Just like Hannah Tan, the TV host/former beauty queen/singer, she is also a mixed of Chinese and Kelabit, or Chibit. In fact, she is a friend of Hannah's younger sister too. There were once in the same class.

However, there is a problem: The South China Sea. She is now back at her home in Miri, Sarawak. And I'm stayting in the potato-shaped Peninsular Malaysia.
Too bad =(

Anyway, back from dreaming. I did spend my day out yesterday during Valentine's day. In the morning, Jian Fai fetched me to our Alma Mater, MBSSKL. There were alot of changes since the days we left the school. The sport houses T-shirt has been changed..to a more childish look. One part of the school block (where my Form5 class was located) has been demolished..to give way to a new four storey block with 12 classrooms.

And there is a new column right in front of the school office, called the 'Kisah Benar'. It is basically stories about some students doing some good deeds, contribution to the school, being helpful etc.
Truth story of MBS
what the..?

Wah Lao!!! Since when MBS started this? And whose idea is that? Well, I think it's OK to annouce it when for example, a student saved an ah pek from drowning in the Klang River or a boy stopped a riot at Jalan Chow Kit and managed to settle the arguments between the Guas and Geis but not every remeh-temeh stuff also need to inform the whole school ma.

Coincidencely we also met up with Siang Ling and her boyfriend, Kukan. Then Choon Wah came too. We saw some of our teachers and had a small chat with them.

During noon, Choon Wah and I went to Puduraya because he wanna get a bus ticket back to UTM after CNY. Then we went for lunch at Green Hut. Jian Fai didn't join because he had to fetched his girl girl.

After lunch, CW went back home and I went to MidValley to meet up with my Valentine's date. Hehe. There was this acrobatic shows from China performing at the Center Court.
Let's just turn and turn

Playing the 'che ling'

I went to collect the movie tickets which I've booked two days ago through the net. My date was still on the way to Midvalley so we decided to meet at the cinema entrance as the show was about to start at 3pm.

We watched Epic Movie. I tell u, this is the most silly show ever. Something like Scary Movie, it combines some parts of the movies from Da Vinci Code, Snakes on the Planes, Nachos, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Narnia, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, Superman, Star Wars, Click and also Borat. And it makes fun all them throughout the whole show.

There is also Paris Hilton appearing in it ;)

After the show, we shopped around before having a drink at Secret Recipe. I saw the girl which I admired (she is two years my senior) during the school times, walking with her boyfriend outside the cafe. I think she saw me too.
My date's new Sony handphone, with my old bluetooth light handphone
Suddenly there was a loud 'THUMP!" At first I thought Godzilla has arrived at MidValley. But It was actually some African guys who were just started a fight nearby. Soon the securities came and the crowd witnessed the show.

Valentine's day, couples everywhere. Holding hands, presents and flowers all around. Girlfriends shopping and boyfriends waiting to pay. There were also some school boys and girls, dating in the mall after in their uniforms.

"HELLO, after school go back study la! Aih..children nowadays!"

Haha, can't blame them. Two years ago, I was like that too at this time with my ex. Times flies, everything moved so fast and not the same anymore. Sometimes I wonder if she is doing good, or I am just doing not so great.

By the way, don't get me wrong. My date which I asked to accompany me yesterday is not a girl, but a guy. We are not trying to break our backs to become one of the brokebacks. He is actually my good friend during the high school time.
Since many of our friends are attached and not available on that day so I managed to ask him out. Who says Valentine's day must only celebrate with ur boy girlfriends, darlings or dear?! As long we have fun and enjoy ourself on that day right? =)
Nicholas Kau with the stage decorations
After a whole day of walking and shopping, we went back at about 8pm by train. Nicholas went back to his college at Nilai because he will be having a class on the following day. And since Chinese New Year is coming, I bought myself some gifts:
A Sony Ear Clip Headphone for my MP4 player. What I like about it is that the wire is retractable.
A pair of straight cut jeans from S&K. Got discount 30%. With jeans I don't have to wash it everyday in my hostel =p
An architecture book about houses from MPH. Might be useful for my upcoming third studio project. There are a lot of books about architecture but one thing about architecture books is that they are not really cheap.
Spent about RM300 on those stuff. This time I must visit as many places as I could to get MORE ang pows already. *grin*

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wakaf Delivery

AFTER days of staying and working in the workshop, our wakaf is finally done. Last night we stayed up till 3am to finish up the leftover (last minute) works.
This morning the lorry came to carry the wakaf to the client's house at Taman Universiti.
Jim yawning while waiting for the lorry

The wakaf is divided into two parts: the upper (roof) and the lower (columns and floor). Because of its heavy mass and big dimension, we first sent the lower part on the first round then followed by the roof on the second round.

Then only we fixed them up on the site.

Ready to be delivered
During the first round, all of us followed and stayed at the back of the lorry. The journey there was about 15 minutes. On the whole journey my face became like a vacumn cleaner, sucking all the dust along the way.
When reached the client's house, we carried the wakaf down and then the guys went back to bring the roof on the second round.

"OK, taruk sini dulu"

The site before the wakaf was placed on it

Sending the illegal immigrants off to balai

"Eh, buat apa pergi balai?!"
The guys headed back to bring the roof
Before fixing the wakaf, we had our lunch first. The client prepared some food for us on that day. All of us ate like a hungry ghost. Carrying the timber was no easy task. The wood that we used to construct the wakaf is a B-class Kempas wood.

After the meal, we continued with our work.

Placed the roof on top of the columns
Smoothening the surfaces

Adjust, screw and fix abit more
Looking at the finish product

After three and a half hours, we finally completed the whole thing except for the roof. The owner said that he will do that on his own as he is also a contractor himself.
Last but not least, we took a group photo.

Batch of En Fawaz's 2nd sem workbase, 2006/2007
Some views of the wakaf:

I've learned a new word in universiti: "wakaf" [wah.carf] (meaning: a wooden shelter, eg. pondok)

Saturday, February 03, 2007


ATTENDED a seminar organised by the urban unit of 4th year architecture student in the morning. All this while I was quite interested and hoping to take the urban unit in the following year so I think it might be worth and useful to attend such an event.

The talk was about sustainable city which focuses more on compact cities, how to design it and the approach to promote urban living. Stuff like that.

Went to the Dewan Senat at the HEP building at 8 o'clock in the morning with Choon Wah and the rest. By the time we reached there only we realised the seminar was starting at 9am.

Aiks! Could have spend more time sleeping in the hostel instead.
The Dewan Senat

There was an exhibition from the urban unit students outside the hall. During the last semester, they did their pratical session at Teluk Intan, Perak, which I think is quite fun. And they had to make a model of the town with all the tiny tiny buildings on it.
David looking at the scale model
Can you spot the leaning tower of Teluk Intan?

Among the guests invited are Prof. Mike Jenks (UK), Prof. Dr. Ar. Frencesco (Italy) and a local architect. There was also suppose to be an architect from Korea but he couldn't make it the last minute.
Prof. Mike Jenks giving the talk
This Italian professor looks like the current US President

After the talk by the professors, there was a presentation by the 4th urban student. He was also senior from my high school.
Yee Cheong explaining on how town centres functions in its city
In the end, it was Q&A session. After the seminar, headed straight back to enjoy a good afternoon nap.
Later at night there will be a Chinese New Year event organised by the chinese society of UTM. Here is a preview of these people who are going to perform wu shu later ^^
Ah Chaaa~!

Friday, February 02, 2007

A Tiring Week

DURING the whole week, our workbase has been staying in the workshop cutting, sawing, trimming and carving wood. We are currently constructing a wakaf which will be put at Taman University, a housing area nearby UTM.
The wakaf detial plan

This 2nd project of our studio is indeed killing all of us. Almost everyday we go to the workshop like a construction site worker. During break time, we go for lunch. And everybody goes home during the end of the day.
Let the pictures do the talking:

Piqa and Nor at work
Vanessa working and Jenny looking
Sheril and Ariq
Ujang cutting the wood
Nor's turn

Everyone is assigned to construct different parts of the wakaf. I will be taking charge of one of the columns.
We are given Kempas wood (a B class timber) to make the wakaf. It is quite a hard timber and there are some parts where we have to cut it manually using hammer and chisel. That's where most of our effort goes to.

Making a hole like this is no easy work

Everything went well except for a part where we mistakenly switched the wood which are supposed to use for the floor beam and the rafter. And it was found out by our client.
Angry client (right) complaining
Yup, we got sound awhile by him but we managed to settle the problem to satisfy the client. Phew~
Finally one column is up

And so is the roof

Making sure it is straight up

Every detailing cannot be missed out
The columns with the ground beams

The roof structure

We still have some final work and touching up before the whole wakaf is completed. Then we have to assemble it on the site complete with its final coat of varnish.
Doing this project would be the most tiring thing I do since I stepped into this university. Moreover I don't quite like Kemahiran Hidup lesson during the high school times =p
Let's not think so much about it. We do had some fun during this project, just as the egg project. After this week, I'll be back home and then enjoy throughout the Chinese New Year break.
Ang Pows!!! Hehe.
And I really miss you guys in KL. Hope see you all soon!