Friday, February 16, 2007

In Memories


Jit Ming's K610i

used for 4 months
passed away unpeacefully on 22-12-06
leaving behind:

Beloved Owner: Tan Jit Ming

512Kb M2 Memory Card
USB Cable
Screen Protector

Bluetooth Friends:
Bee Li's T630
Chiou Yann's W810i
Han Chee's K700i
Jian Fai's K750i
Sharon's K750i
Taw Jin's K618i
Khong Jin's Motorola RAZR V3
Chin Keng's Nokia N70

My deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to my Sony Ericsson K610i. We (the owner, charger, cable and memory card) will miss and dearly remember you always.
There will be no funeral and crematorium. However, all donations are accepted. The owner can be contacted at

I just thought of doing a proper way to say goodbye to my first ever 3G mobile phone. And here it is, on my 100th post.


wai luen said...

wah! like dat oso can ar? haha...

yee mei said...
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TJ said...

CNY post sumthing like tis, choi choi.. hehe. wishing ya a very happy CNY!!!

-san- said...

3 lines appear on my head...

nick said...

COndolences too, my K750i also missing k..sigh

yee mei said...
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yee mei said...

ops, dunno what i did, comments went missing... accidently deleted i think..
anyway, pinkaberry once again would like to express its condolence to jitty's K610i. may the poor phone rest in peace..