Thursday, February 01, 2007

PC Fair

THE Student Union Commitee of UTM organised a PC Fair which held in the Dewan Sultan Iskandar early this week. Went there with Jim, Vanessa, Jenny, Han Chee and Bee Li on Monday after our lunch.

I thought it must be great to have such an event in the university so I didn't want to miss the chance to go there. Maybe I could get to see new tech gadgets or maybe somes pretty models showing off the latest products.
Samsung showgirl at PC Fair, KL
Whenever I go to the PC Fair at KLCC, the crowd is always there as if there are nowhere to go other than the exhibition. The traffic around the area will be jammed. The participating stalls are as many as up to three levels and people will be shouting and bargaining for a cheaper price.
If KLCC was to bombed, half of the KL population would be dead

However to my dissapointment, this was what I saw when we got there (the UTM PC Fair).
I just bought myself a Logitech optical mouse for RM25.


s0hp0h said...

that's why i dun like to go PC fairs.. dun wanna be part of 'one in two chance' to be bombed dead.. haha

nick said...

hey Hey, did you steal my line where the bomb then half klpopulation will die from my blog???

i want copyright wei!!


Jimmy said...

haha..opps. dint noe tat u oso wrote tat b4. paiseh.

but nvmla..wise men always think alike rit =p