Friday, February 02, 2007

A Tiring Week

DURING the whole week, our workbase has been staying in the workshop cutting, sawing, trimming and carving wood. We are currently constructing a wakaf which will be put at Taman University, a housing area nearby UTM.
The wakaf detial plan

This 2nd project of our studio is indeed killing all of us. Almost everyday we go to the workshop like a construction site worker. During break time, we go for lunch. And everybody goes home during the end of the day.
Let the pictures do the talking:

Piqa and Nor at work
Vanessa working and Jenny looking
Sheril and Ariq
Ujang cutting the wood
Nor's turn

Everyone is assigned to construct different parts of the wakaf. I will be taking charge of one of the columns.
We are given Kempas wood (a B class timber) to make the wakaf. It is quite a hard timber and there are some parts where we have to cut it manually using hammer and chisel. That's where most of our effort goes to.

Making a hole like this is no easy work

Everything went well except for a part where we mistakenly switched the wood which are supposed to use for the floor beam and the rafter. And it was found out by our client.
Angry client (right) complaining
Yup, we got sound awhile by him but we managed to settle the problem to satisfy the client. Phew~
Finally one column is up

And so is the roof

Making sure it is straight up

Every detailing cannot be missed out
The columns with the ground beams

The roof structure

We still have some final work and touching up before the whole wakaf is completed. Then we have to assemble it on the site complete with its final coat of varnish.
Doing this project would be the most tiring thing I do since I stepped into this university. Moreover I don't quite like Kemahiran Hidup lesson during the high school times =p
Let's not think so much about it. We do had some fun during this project, just as the egg project. After this week, I'll be back home and then enjoy throughout the Chinese New Year break.
Ang Pows!!! Hehe.
And I really miss you guys in KL. Hope see you all soon!

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