Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wakaf Delivery

AFTER days of staying and working in the workshop, our wakaf is finally done. Last night we stayed up till 3am to finish up the leftover (last minute) works.
This morning the lorry came to carry the wakaf to the client's house at Taman Universiti.
Jim yawning while waiting for the lorry

The wakaf is divided into two parts: the upper (roof) and the lower (columns and floor). Because of its heavy mass and big dimension, we first sent the lower part on the first round then followed by the roof on the second round.

Then only we fixed them up on the site.

Ready to be delivered
During the first round, all of us followed and stayed at the back of the lorry. The journey there was about 15 minutes. On the whole journey my face became like a vacumn cleaner, sucking all the dust along the way.
When reached the client's house, we carried the wakaf down and then the guys went back to bring the roof on the second round.

"OK, taruk sini dulu"

The site before the wakaf was placed on it

Sending the illegal immigrants off to balai

"Eh, buat apa pergi balai?!"
The guys headed back to bring the roof
Before fixing the wakaf, we had our lunch first. The client prepared some food for us on that day. All of us ate like a hungry ghost. Carrying the timber was no easy task. The wood that we used to construct the wakaf is a B-class Kempas wood.

After the meal, we continued with our work.

Placed the roof on top of the columns
Smoothening the surfaces

Adjust, screw and fix abit more
Looking at the finish product

After three and a half hours, we finally completed the whole thing except for the roof. The owner said that he will do that on his own as he is also a contractor himself.
Last but not least, we took a group photo.

Batch of En Fawaz's 2nd sem workbase, 2006/2007
Some views of the wakaf:

I've learned a new word in universiti: "wakaf" [wah.carf] (meaning: a wooden shelter, eg. pondok)

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