Saturday, May 01, 2010

Fullhouse Cafe and T-Bowl Restaurant

DURING the two weeks in KL before my intern starts, I've visited two interested eating place in town, Fullhouse and the T-Bowl Resaurant.

1) Fullhouse Cafe @ nearby KLCC

I was told by my sis that this lifestyle store+cafe located at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng is not far from the KLCC area and she kept asking me to bring her there the moment I came back from UTM. So I asked Lim and Jim to tag along since they are staying nearby my house. At the same time I can show Jim around KL at night.

Welcome to Fullhouse

That's Lim and Jim saying 'Hi!'

My sis happily surfing the net. They have free wifi too

I find the menu there quite interesting:

How does this look like a menu to you?

Yes, the food

These are the set lunch, very cute

It also has some ads in it. Creative!

And even comic as well. DarNing will definately like this part of the menu!

Overall, the whole menu is like a published magazine

Chicken chop that my sis ordered. RM17.00

Everything looks white and clean in the cafe. It doesn't look like a cafe at the first impression. Here are some interiors of the cafe:

Macam IKEA showroom..

But it IS a cafe

And some shots of the outside:

Green but artificial wall

Oh look, a mini cooper!

English dining garden


It was a Thursday night so there wasn't a lot of people there. I could easily found a parking spot at the roadside thus no need to pay for any parking fee. You know how expensive the parking can be in KL.
It was already past midnight that's why KLCC became black


2) The second interesting place which I went is the T-Bowl Restaurant in Sg Wang Plaza. This time I met up with my pilot friend Khong Jin a.k.a Abo for a lunch there. I also got to know this place tru my sis. It is a toilet themed restaurant!

As far as I've heard of, there are these kind of restaurants  in Taiwan and Hong Kong but not Malaysia. I would very much love it if there is a chance to visit this theme restaurant. Finally it is now in town, and there is another outlet located in Queensbay Mall, Penang.

 Somebody shiok sendiri in the bath tub

Basically the moment you enter the restaurant, most of the things you see are stuff you'll see in the toilet. Toiletbowl, sink, bath tub, shower head, naked lady etc.

Even the urinal bowls

Let's take a look at its menu:

There is a toothbrush if you forget to bring yours

And WHOA! The shittiest food of all! But looks yummy eh?

There menu comes with set lunch as well. Khong Jin and I ordered a set for each. It comes with a main course, soup, drinks and dessert. RM16.90 per set.

My cheese-baked chicken rice+plain soup+ice honey lemon

...and the dessert

Did I mention that there are no chairs in the restaurant. Instead we have to seat on the WC (water closet) or toiletbowls.

Except there are no water and sanitary pipes connected the wc

This guy is eating and shitting at the same time

And for my case, I chose to squat.
 See, so convenient! You shit after you eat.

YES, it all goes directly right below you.

And NO need to flush!

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Ned Gumbilai Tumunda said...

not my first choice of restaurant but for the sake of trying, maybe i would give it a shot... when, im in kl that is :)