Friday, April 30, 2010


RANDOM photos:

Choon Wah and me at Junction 8 Bishan, playing with the iMac webcam

Sending Ning and her bro to the LCCT *farewell*

 Received my (Japanese Proficiency Language Test) JLPT 4 certificate all the way from Japan

My primary school mate opened her own beauty saloon. Congratulations, Yee Mei! (right)...
...and I tried wash+steam+squeeze+massage+mask my face for the first time =)

Carrefour has opened a new store behind my house, at the Pandan Axis shopping mall... attract more shopping ghost

Little Brandon has grown up. He can now pronounce 'Ab.Per' (apple) 

*Emergency moment* in the Park Royal Hotel washroom. I love toilet with music~

Appreciate mummy for buying me Crocs. Original Crocs and not pasar malam crocs

Went to Connaught's pasar malam with Jim and Lim. The longest night market in Malaysia...

..ate Uncle Bob chicken chop, asam laksa, the tiny crab and damn! I got sore throat the day after. Sien


*JayNy* said...

eh i also want the 'reaction' thing. how to put it in blog? teach me teach me! =D

Jimmy said...

oh. ermm...i dun really know actually. i think it comes with this blog template or something. hehe. now blogger can customize and change the background ady =)

*JayNy* said...

i got try last night but somehow it didnt want to show up even i 'tick' on the box. maybe it's my template problem. but im lazy to change the template. gah.