Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Stop of Doulos

*Note: this is a backdated post* I wrote this few months back but only managed to post this recently

During last December, my dear and I went to Singapore to attend my cousin's wedding. It was the first ever wedding in the family. After the wedding on the following day, we went to Vivocity and coincidently Doulos Ship was there. Well, I didn't know much about Doulos until I googled about it.

Christmas was around the corner

Doulos was the world's oldest passenger ship built in 1914. (two years after the Titanic sank) Serving in four different roles liner, migrant carrier, cargo ship and even a floating book fair. This ship has visited over 100 countries and welcomed more than 20 million visitors on board. *Oh I See!*
And Doulos has been rebuilt twice

Apparently Singapore was the last stop for Doulos after its many years of service. Therefore we got the chance to visit this historical ship before it was handed over to the new owner.

Vivocity is located next to Harbour Front Cruise Terminal and there was a SuperStar Vigro stopping on that day. I've been to a cruise once (Star Aquarius) when I was young and since then I loved it! That explains why I love the movie Titanic so much. 

I'm gonna ride on you one day

Star Cruise spotted!

Also, opposite VivoCity is the Sentosa island, where the Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore were being constructed at that time. Another must go place in Singapore!

 Resorts World Sentosa in progress across the water

The entrance to Doulos was free but if you were to join the tour round the ship (ie. engine room, kitchen etc) there are charges for it. Ning and I didn't took the tour due to time constraint.

Entrance to the Doulus

We just walked around the ship and took some photos. It was nice to be on board. This is how of Doulos  looks inside:

 It has a lounge
Another lounge
This is me being stupid

And moving to the outside
We have the deck

The floating book fair

The book fair is the place where most of the people come to. It has all kinds of books from story books to discoveries. Novels to animals books. Ning bought herself a book about CATS. Yeah, she loves animals, while I got a DIY Doulos ship model. Haha. I love this kind of stuff.

That's me assembling the ship in the workshop studio

It comes with a book of instructions

 All the items onboard are sold in points. My guess is because the ship travels all over the 
place therefore it is easier this way rather than converting rates of different countries

Some random photos:
Love the cruise behind!
Love the outdoor deck!
 Love this girl too!
 Sundae time!

The bow of the ship *Titanice scene*
Ok lah, time to go out ady

You are HISTORied!

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*JayNy* said...

finally ! So sg is Doulas' last stop ar? luckily i got to see it too. haha. but didnt go in bcos the queue is insanely long..