Monday, April 12, 2010

End of Semester

IT looks like I only blog once every semester. Yes, the sem has finally come to the end! I've just submitted my studio work and the topical study report which took me two semester to complete.

Hard cover bound report. Satisfaction! =)

Basically for this topical study report we had to study and to do a research on a topic we picked related to our course. Well for me, this is the topic that I chose:

It is something like a thesis report. As for this I'm already suffer enough cuz I don't like to write reports. How la I'm gonna survive my thesis year next sem.

One copy for the lecturer and the other for my supervisor, Dr Zin

Nevertheless, I'm glad its all over!

Then we have our studio work. This semester we are in the urban unit therefore it covers a larger scale and context compare to the previous ones. My given site is in Ringlet, Cameron Highlands (where we visited there early of the semester to do our site analysis) and for the final project I'm doing a market place at the particular site.

The results/hardwork/outcome:

My market of many shops

These are some of the others work:

Hanif's market (same site as me)

Edison's youth hostel (same as also)

The days after the submission:

1. Jenny, Ning and I went to Monsta Cafe @ Nusa Bestari. It's like another version of Fullhouse Cafe in KL which I have yet to visit.

There weren't many people on that night, I guess because it was a weekend. But me like the artificial grass! =)

2) After much delay, we finally got the chance to watch Alice in Wonderland. However Choon Wah couldn't join cuz he was too tired finishing his Jurassic Park model.
"Stop diggin' Mad Hatter's nose"

3) Also, we went for fish spa for the first time @ Sutera Mall. Only RM6 for 20 minutes. Kinda cheap compared to Kenko in Pavilion.

Ning enjoyed

4) There was a junk sale going on in JB and Tiong asked us to joined him there. It was my first time to such place and I must say it was a great experience. Everything is sooo Tiong~ Haha.

From a dead street during daytime to a lively spot at night. And they even have DJ playing music on the street. How cool is that!

The things sold there are not entirely used items. Ning bought a new skirt for only RM25. I got myself a Mickey Mouse T-shirt. Who knows I can wear it if I have the chance to visit Disneyland one day. Hehe.

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

Fancy lights

5) PACKING, the most siennz thing to do after every two semester. We were to keep and moved our stuff to the store room cuz we MIGHT not be using the same room when the new sem starts. All together I have nine boxes of stuff to pack and that's not all. There are others books and unused items I gotta bring back home.

Half of the room is occupied with my stuff, become like a lorong already.

The lorong

And the is part of the Jurassic Park model I mentioned earlier.


*JayNy* said...

im feeling very comforted to know that it's not me alone who has 9 box of stuff and more! haha~

Jimmy said...

u r not alone.. muahaha!