Monday, February 23, 2009

I had a great dinner!

Enough said. =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Borneo Again

THANKS to AirAsia 50,000 free seats promotion, I am again travelling to East Malaysia at an afforable price of RM173. At the end of the year my coursemates and I will be heading to Kota Kinabalu (6 days), then Sibu (2 days) and Kuching (4 days). All by flights except the Sibu-Kuching journey where we are still thinking whether to take a boat ride or bus. It would be quite an experience I hope.

Anyway this is still a long way to go but at least there is something to look forward to. =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

From the Angels

THERE were nine small boxes of gift on my studio place. Each of every box there is a guy's name on it. Looks like the cupid has sent a little surprise to the single guys in my course.
Only for the singles
That includes me

So I distributed those boxes to all those guys the moment I went back to the hostel. And guess what?! All of them were very excited and surprised! Some even said it was their first time getting gift on Valentine’s Day. Happily taking out camera and non-stop posing for photos.

Ahh…how nice it is to receive a gift despite being a single man. It may be small, but it does make our day brighter! =)
...and crazier

Thank you so much!

*heart heart*

Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Chap Goh Mei!

TODAY is the last day of Chinese New Year.

Few days back, on the 10th day of CNY we guys had yee sang in Teck Yong's room. It is one of the thing we normally do in the hostel during this time. =)

Some photos:

Wei Chin holding the momo. Delicious!
Preparing the yee sang
LCC's favourite, 三层肉. Taste like bak gua
My roommate sapu everything

Click here to see what happened two years back. Have a lovely chap goh mei. =)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Randy's Farewell + CNY

LAST night we had a little gathering. It was supposed to be a farewell gathering for Randy as he will be leaving for Australia on this coming Saturday - Valentine's Day.

Anyway Perry was the organiser and 13 of us turned up for the dinner at Tsim Tsung restaurant. It's good to see many of my former school mates again. The one person that I never seen for a long time was Kok Choon Teng. Man, he is still alive and the same! And still talking about gadgets and cars. Suresh is also back from Kansas. He told us stories like how he got drunk in the bar and went straight for the examination etc. It seems like he was having a great time in the states,

Right after dinner, we headed to Jian Fai house. His pet dog, Oscar was so high and excited to see many of us. He couldn't stop chewing on Wai Luen's fingers.
Meet Oscar
Choon Teng with the excited pet
How could we miss a game of Blackjack during Chinese New Year. Suresh was getting some luck because according to him he was sitting facing right at the Ambank on the outside.
Suresh: "Come on man, don't wash away my luck"

As for me, I was winning a little bit at the beginning but later I started to lose out a few bucks. Jian Fai and Paulsen were the bankers for the night.
The FHM edition cards made us confused as we were too distracted by the picture on every card.
Halfway during the game, we were told to leave the room to the outside. And there was already a cake in the middle of the table.
Some of us were rather confused what was going on, seeing that it was nobody's birthday around the corner.
The truth is, this blueberry cheese cake was baked (and chilled) by our lovely Yee Mei to her boy. It was supposed to be a farewell cake and also his birthday cake, which only comes later in the month of June. We celebrated in advance for him since we couldn't afford to fly to Australia to celebrate with him. =)
Randy boy
"Hey u all better sing a song for me"

So all of us sang a song to him and Randy made a wish before blowing the candles. We gave him a little farewell gift + birthday present.
Kevin handing over our present
On most of the birthdays, I see Jian Fai cutting the cake

Then we continued with games and chit-chatting. It was nice to see everybody again!

Saturday, February 07, 2009






因为他心底的女人是他的支柱,他不会用她和任何一个人相比,他认为这种比较是愚蠢的,他一辈子只会爱她一个。放在心底的女人,永远的伤痕。男人都是爱面子的, 也许他平时会活的很潇洒,但在一个人孤独的时候,他会放下所有的尊严,放声痛哭,思念唯一的她。


如果说一段不如意的感情分手是解脱, 那么一个男人失败的真爱,男人的痴情,女人的多情,只有死才是终点。


Friday, February 06, 2009

Lee In Ah

IT has been five years.

I think of you sometimes. Every time passing by those places that we've been, I would remember clearly of everything that happened. The first meeting in Pudu, those exchange conversations, snow fighting in Genting, dinner with my family, crazy TGIF moments, and also the sad departure at KLIA. The feeling is so near yet so far. I promise to meet you again and I hope one day I really do.

I miss you.