Wednesday, May 10, 2006

만녕 하세요 1

TWO days ago, Inah onlined! I seldom could see her online nowadays and did not chat with her for months on MSN.

I got to know her through ICQ on the year 2003. It was 3 years back. I was boring at that time so looked for somebody to chat with. I still remember that I searched for a random female online user from South Korea in the search box and that was how I found and added Inah.

At first we just chatted for awhile. Thinking that it would just be like a normal hi-and-bye-friend. (Not the other hai and bai). As time went by, we chatted got to know each other and our country/culture more.

However at that time I did not expect that the click on the 'Search' button would ended up to a long distance relationfriendship. We even got the chance to meet each other!

It was until the end of 2004 when Inah said that she would be travelling to Thailand, and then to Malaysia, on the following year. I felt so excited that finally we got the opportunity meet. (I think she felt the same too). Hehe.

We chatted and discussed about plans when she comes to KL on ICQ, then MSN. She told me that she would be going to Thailand with her friends before coming down to Malaysia by bus, alone.

On the night of 1st February 2004, Randy, Perry and Chia Sheng came to my house. We were still waiting for our Form 6 entrance at that time. At first we planned to go for yumcha, not until I received a suprise phone call from Inah. I was REALLY suprised+shocked+happy, thinking that she will only arrive on the next day.

She was lucky to find a samaritan who helped her to make the phone call. (KL is never been 100% safe anyway) My parents fetched me there as they wanted to meet her too. You know, parents worrying about children meeting someone whom he/she never met before. My three friends followed along too.

Inah asked to meet at the 7-Eleven opposite the Puduraya Bus Terminal. I tried to look and recognize her face that I have only seen on the photos she sent. After awhile...there she was!!! The man who helped her earlier was kind enough to accompany her until she found the person that she was waiting - ME.

After greeting each other and introducing my parents to her, we went to the KFC restaurant beside to settle down. She brought a Malaysia Guildbook in Korean and asked my about the plans and places to visit in the next three days. She would not be staying long in KL.

My dad requested her to change the place that she was staying to a much better one. She was staying at the Puduraya Hostel (above the 7-Eleven) on the night she arrived. Anyway, after the drink at the KFC, she headed back to the hostel and we went back home as it was kinda late already. I couldn't wait for the sun to rise on the next day =D

more to come...

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