Wednesday, May 10, 2006

만녕 하세요 2

2nd February 2004

It was raining in the morning. Dad fetched sis and I to the backpacker hostel where Inah stayed the night before. She already checked out the place and brought along all her luggage.

First, we looked for a budget hotel in the Bukit Bintang area came to this Town View Inn. It is located at Jalan Alor, not far from the Bintang Walk. The environment was far much better than the one in Puduraya. For about RM60, you'll have a windowed room, with own bathroom and a bed, of course. Plus, there are many eating places just right below. The receptionist told us that there were two Korean girls also staying just right beside Inah's room. Perhaps they could meet up if they want to.

After she checked into the room, dad brought all of us for breakfast at Ah Koong Fishball Noodle Soup in Pudu. We had kuey teow soup and dried noodle etc.

Then dad drove us to the new Admistrator Centre of the Federal Government of Malaysia - Putrajaya. There wasn't many cars and people as it was a newly developed site at that time. There are mainly government buildings including the Prime Minister's Office. And the bridges there were nicely designed.

We also visited the Putra Mosque. Inah and my sis were required to wear the pink robes when they entered to mosque, for religion custom purpose.

After visiting Putrajaya, we went back to KL and went to Central Market. Visitors like Inah will get to see a variety of stalls selling all kind of merchandise such as personalised T-shirts, handicrafts, portrait artists and souvenirs.

Inah got herself a 'Welcome to Malaysia' T-shirt and dad bought her a mini model of the Petronas Twin Tower, as a souvenir.

Next, dad brought us to the National Muzuem. I have not been there for like n years already. I think I wouldn't be going there if Inah didn't come to KL.

We went home back to pick mum up after visiting the museum and invited Inah to come our house but she was kinda reluctant to enter. Too shy I guess. So we went to Esquire Kitchen in Sg. Wang for lunch together.

There were some difficulties between our conversation. We are so used to Manglish and Inah speaks Korean as her first language. Therefore it took us some time for to figure out what we were trying to say. Haha. After the meal it was already four something so I sent Inah back hotel to rest before heading went home. 

At 9pm, waited for Inah at the hotel lobby then went for a walk together at Bukit Bintang. There wasn't so many people at that time. I believe Seoul is much more happening and crowded than here. Probably it wasn't holiday season in Malaysia there the area seemed to look a bit dull.

We then walked Berjaya Times Square and it reminded her of Lottle World in Seoul. We had a drink and some chat in BB Walk. She was having headache and a feeling a little drunk after that I sent her back to the hotel.

to be continued...


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