Sunday, May 07, 2006

OH! The Best

THIS is not a post about my parents' wedding, nor a funeral ceromony post about someone who had just passed away.
Last Friday was Mrs Oh (yes is Oh, not Ho) retirement day. She was our form 6 Mathematics teacher. On that day, 11 of us (Wai Luen, Lup Kee, Choon Wah, Loong Ping, Jian Fai, Ann Hong, Chia Sheng, Perry, Mun Seong, Marc and I) attended her special day in MBS.

Khong Jin came for awhile in the morning and he left for his French language class.

We sat and joined the students on the terrace to watch the performance while waiting for Marc and Choon Wah to come. As usual there were drama sketch, choir and singing performance by the talented students of MBS *wink wink*
Galvin Moh as Mrs Oh
Prefect doing spot check - Typical routine during this kind of function in school
Some time later Marc and Choon Wah arrived with the souveniers that we planned to give to Mrs Oh.

It was a caricacture of Mrs Oh drawn by Choon Wah and a bouquet of paper roses also done by Choon Wah! I can't denied that all Tans are so talented =p
Can you believe they are made of papers?
Hey since when your head became so big?
"Lovely flowers for my lovely teacher"
Later was the presents and souveniers presentation session. All the clubs and societies representatives went to give their gifts to Mrs Oh. We (Science 3 class) was the last to go down and also the longest to stay down there.
"You better don't mess with this smart old lady, young man!"
"What did I say just now? I was just talking nonsense only"
ONLY 1/3 of of the U6S3 year 2005
Jit Ming: "Happy retirement Mrs Oh!"
Choon Wah: "Hey jit ming that's my drawing la, tak tau malu"
After that, Mrs Oh wanted to give all of us a hug as a sign of appreciation. One by one we went to her and gave her a paiseh hug. Hehe
Mrs Oh: " still owe me some homework, remember?"
"You have grown up to liao"
"And you have very much grown up too!"
We then explored around the new block of the schhol which we didn't have the chance to use. Everything is new. The classrooms, toilets, staff room, library, counsellor room etc. There is also a Girls' Room. Since when MBS has that room? And excatly what it is for?
Do not peep. Girls changing inside
The staff room waiting area
The new block
The library
I met my librarian juniors, Choy Choo and Sze Sze. I was the one who brought them to join the librarian board last year. Choy Choo asked me to do a short survey. When I requested to 拍相 (pai xiang) with them, Sze Sze corrected me that it is called 拍照 (pai zhao).
*Paiseh* My level of mandarin has really been dropping.
With CC (left)and SS
At the end of the day, Mrs Oh was escorted out of the school in a Mercedes Benz S320.
PS: Try to look at the side story happened on that day.


s0hp0h said...

hehe.. ur teacher sure does have a big HEAD.. lolx.. and omg.. ur fren does french? weird... and pai xiang n pai zhau got diff meh.. same same la

s0hp0h said...

btw..the pic does look a lot like those how to say.. old parents memories kind..