Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Haircut

TODAY is a typical boring Sunday. The weather is cool after a heavy downpour last night. A SMS woke me up at 9 in the morning. Mum and dad went to Petaling Street to have breakfast. While waiting for them to ta pao my breakfast back, read the newspaper and then online.

Then sister wanted to use to computer, so I played the piano. Haven't touch the keyboard for don't know how many weeks! And I could hardly play a smooth continous song =/

Had two pieces of bread for lunch then watched National Geographic on TV. They were showing how the Petronas Twin Towers were built. I enjoyed the show.

At the same time, online, chat and blogged. Suddenly decided want to cut my hair since it is already long and today is the only day I will be free.

Mum suggested I go to Avenue K where there is this 10 mintunes haircut for only RM13. So I decided to give it a try.

While on the way to the Pandan Indah LRT station at 4.45pm, saw one man sitting by the big longkang...FISHING!

Got down at the KLCC station, headed to the barber shop, called EC Cut. There were no customers inside. A lady barber helped to cut my hair. I don't mind if she take more than 10 minutes to cut my hair, as long as my hair looks fine. After the haircut she gave me to keep the comb that she used for my haircut.
Before the haircut
After that walked in KLCC, joined the crowd, looked at stuff etc. Bought breads from Delifrance. 3 pieces for only RM5! Then went into Isetan. Discounts could be seen everywhere. 10%, 20%, 50%...
So I bought myself a Wrangler jeans. From RM99 -> RM49.50. Fifty percent less!! Wanted to get the Lee Cooper but tat one costs RM15 more.
Before going back, bought a copy of KLue magazine at the newstand. Kenny Sia is in it!
When reached Pandan Indah station at 7.15pm, I still could see that guy sitting by the drain waiting for the fish to be hooked.
Last but not least, my new haircut!
Suprise! ;)


s0hp0h said...

ahhaa.. looks sooo fake laaaaa..

rai said...

haha...u look so funny...kewl effects though

Janice Foooooo said...

6,7,8,9,10 ... then I let it go away.
Why did you let it go
Coz it bit my finger so,
Which finger did it bite,
The last finger on my right hand side!

I love that rhyme lol! ^__^

aww cute hairstyle! Now you need a lip pierce. Lol!
Suits ya!

Anonymous said...

hey hey, long time since i c ur blog, maybe coz i dun really blog ady. haha started again, n ur pic very fake lo.. haha. thx 4 ur help -tj-