Thursday, May 25, 2006

All Ready

I will be at the East Coast during the weekends. Beach, sea, sand, corals, fishes, sharks, turtles, bikinis are what I am waiting for to see while at Redang.
Redang Island, renowned for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters.
Went there during the last August and it attracted my family and I so much that we decided to visit there again this year, with some other relatives.
One of the activities not to be missed over there is snorkelling.
Even 60 years old ah ma could be seen enjoying feeding and viewing the fishes.
If there is a chance, do not miss the chance to scuba dive! It is really a wonder experience as you will get to make the breathing sound of Darth Vader explore into another part of the our planet and looking at the world from the other dimension.
Who knows maybe you discover another way to the USA. Hehe

Mermaids search
What about those who do not like to get down into the sea? Well, they can try these...
If Robinson Crusoe could survived, why not me?
...or this

Last year, we spent the nights at the Redang Reef Resort and this time we are going to the Laguna Redang Island Resort! A better, bigger one..
The movie "Summer Holiday" which was filmed there couple of years ago made the resort famous.
Redang Reef Resort
Laguna Redang Island Resort
The Mo Mo Tea Inn from Summer Holiday
The two resorts are actually just next to each other, linked by a wooden bridge.
Wonder if these photos are still there after 9 months since I left Redang.
Has anyone seen this while you were there?

Anyway hope to see you there again, Nemo! =)

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