Wednesday, May 03, 2006


FINALLY I got myself a new pair of spectacles. I always wanted to change a new one since months ago but sometimes I think that it is better not to spend much on this uneccesary stuff first.

Not until last week, my specs finally broke. I must have left it beside me when I was sleeping at night and when I woke up the next day. It became... that!
Lucky the broken glass didn't cut or get into my eyes. And thank God I didn't swallow the piece while was talking during my dreams!
On Monday I went to the optical shop to get a new pair of glasses for myself. After trying some of the display glasses and adjusting it to my typical handsome look on the mirror, I've chosen this one!Tada!!
Since the optical shop boss knows my mum (she used to babysit after his kid last time), he gave me the price for only RM180.
Right after collecting the glasses the following day, feeling excited and took some photos of it.
After taking a few shots, I ended up shooting for non-stop. I got hook up of using the macro mode (to take photos of close objects). There are so many techniques to capture the pictures.

Close shot
Very close shot
Front sharp. Back blur
Front Blur. Back sharp
The new deisgn of glass-made-see-tru bra..oopps!

Personally I like this pic the most
久的不去,新的不来 (Old no go, new no come = Every new things will never come until the old ones go away)
Say 'Hi' to my new bra specs! =]

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