Sunday, February 08, 2009

Randy's Farewell + CNY

LAST night we had a little gathering. It was supposed to be a farewell gathering for Randy as he will be leaving for Australia on this coming Saturday - Valentine's Day.

Anyway Perry was the organiser and 13 of us turned up for the dinner at Tsim Tsung restaurant. It's good to see many of my former school mates again. The one person that I never seen for a long time was Kok Choon Teng. Man, he is still alive and the same! And still talking about gadgets and cars. Suresh is also back from Kansas. He told us stories like how he got drunk in the bar and went straight for the examination etc. It seems like he was having a great time in the states,

Right after dinner, we headed to Jian Fai house. His pet dog, Oscar was so high and excited to see many of us. He couldn't stop chewing on Wai Luen's fingers.
Meet Oscar
Choon Teng with the excited pet
How could we miss a game of Blackjack during Chinese New Year. Suresh was getting some luck because according to him he was sitting facing right at the Ambank on the outside.
Suresh: "Come on man, don't wash away my luck"

As for me, I was winning a little bit at the beginning but later I started to lose out a few bucks. Jian Fai and Paulsen were the bankers for the night.
The FHM edition cards made us confused as we were too distracted by the picture on every card.
Halfway during the game, we were told to leave the room to the outside. And there was already a cake in the middle of the table.
Some of us were rather confused what was going on, seeing that it was nobody's birthday around the corner.
The truth is, this blueberry cheese cake was baked (and chilled) by our lovely Yee Mei to her boy. It was supposed to be a farewell cake and also his birthday cake, which only comes later in the month of June. We celebrated in advance for him since we couldn't afford to fly to Australia to celebrate with him. =)
Randy boy
"Hey u all better sing a song for me"

So all of us sang a song to him and Randy made a wish before blowing the candles. We gave him a little farewell gift + birthday present.
Kevin handing over our present
On most of the birthdays, I see Jian Fai cutting the cake

Then we continued with games and chit-chatting. It was nice to see everybody again!

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