Saturday, January 27, 2007

Now Every Egg Can Fly

AFTER the trial on Wenesday, the 'Jatuh Telur Cucur Atap' activity was a SUCCESS yesterday. However they were three groups didn't manage to land their eggs safely.
At 4pm, all the groups passed their egg shelter to our sixth year senior, where they will help us to dropped it from our studio at the 4th floor. And the rest of us watched a exicting egg landing show from below, at the FAB (Faculty Alam Bina) Square.

Preparing for the launch
Kel and Naz
Ujang and Sheril
Bee Li and Kay (missing in action)

Vanessa and me

Students waiting for the eggs
Our parachute was the first to launch

Jenny and Ariq's structure

Shika and Azizan's UFO
Here we go! (Kel and Naz's)
Be careful
Students checking the results
Didi (left) and the seniors
Opps.. -_-"

Can yours fly?
Never been so fun in architecture course for a long time. Before that it was assignments, assigments and then submissions.
So miss the first sem with activities like Sedili trip (staying in chalet), enchanted night (dressing as fairy tale character), pasar Rabu (selling Bel's rojak), puisi night (wearing baju Melayu) and the kite fest (making and flying kite).
I really hope this sem is as exciting as the previous one. Heard that other workbases are going for a trip to Bangkok and even as far as Cambodia during the semester break. Maybe our's is Langkawi, according to Mr Fawaz.
Well I'm not so sure if it's true. So let's just hope that is! =)

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