Sunday, July 23, 2006


LAST Friday the 1st year architecture students and the lecturers had a trip to Sedili Country Resort, Johor.
It was our the first trip of the course.

The first activity: Sandcastle building
After that it was dinner time, the place has quite alot of blood suckers - Mosquitoes!
The next day we were asked to sketch pictures of the surroundings.

During the trip we learn to worship a God...
...a Silverstone Tyre God!
Left the resort on Saturday evening.

If I have a chance I would like to go there again...
because that I left a shirt over there, hanging behind the door -_-"
Don't really feel like writing so much so I just keep it short and simply this time.


s0hp0h said...

lolx.. looks like u're doing well in johor.. ^^


yee mei said...

your course seems interesting... drawing and drawing... should have choose that course as well!

Jimmy said...

haha. yea sketchin n drawing non stop. u'l be shock when i show u wat we are taught to draw during our first few lessons.. hehe