Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Beginning...

FINALLY I found a place for me the online in UTM, the computer lab of the Faculty of Build Enviroment. The library has more then 50 computers for students to access the net but they are always occupied.

It has been 11 days since I stepped my foot into this university. I am getting used to the enviroment here. Though I haven't explore each and every corner of UTM because it is too BIG already.

During the first week we had orientation. It was kinda tired because we had to get up as early as 5am and we only back to the hostel at about 1am. Everyday there were a few taklimats in the hall for all the freshies. Some of them were interesting but mostly were boring.

The hostel that I am staying at is called Kolej Rahman Putra. There were a few Kolej'es such as Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail, Kolej Tun Fatimah (only females), Kolej 11, Kolej Tun Razak etc. It will only take about 15 minutes walk from my bed to my faculty so that will not be a problem. Imagine if you have to take the shuttle bus from the hostel to the lecture hall. That's troublesome!

I am staying on the ground floor, quite near to the shared bathroom. However I can't open the room windows for 24 hours because it has no grill and people can easily climb into the room. One day I must bring this matter out to the Parliament Hall. The bathroom and Washing Room (for the clothes) are clean as there are people cleaning it frequently.

My roomate is from Mentakab, Pahang, taking Quantity Surveying course (which is a 3 years degree course). We are doing fine staying together as both of us are good and understand each other. Hehe.

And for my course, I am taking a Bachelor Degree in Architecture. It is a 5 years course! After graduate I have to work for at least 2 years (if I am not mistaken). And after that I still have to take the PART III exam from the Architect Association of Malaysia in order to become a profesional and recognised architect.

Study is a long journey...

What I like the most is my course timetable!!


Because I only have to go for lectures only on Tuesday (11am-4pm) and Thursday (8am-12pm).
Monday and Friday I have to go to the studio from 9am-5pm. The studio is like our second room beside the hostel because we will be spending most of our time there sketching, drawing and making models.

According to the seniors sometimes we will have to stay up til 11pm in the studio if there are many things to do. Architecture students are people who do not get enough sleep. We will not have normal sleeping hours (or sometimes even not at all) just like any other students. Staying awake for 2, 3 days in a row is no big deal, according to the senior.

Looks like I have to get more of Chicken Essense and 10-in-1 Super-Kau-Kau Coffee-plus-Tea in my room.

pics to be up soon...hopefully ;)


s0hp0h said...

lolx.. very funny.. hahaha.. but at least u get the wed off.. yeah i heard architecture is pretty bad cos it takes ages to finish those stuff.. good luck with dat.. lol.. oh and maybe besides those chicken essence and kau coffee+tea, u might need some eye cream and makeup to cover ur eye bags.. wahaha

Anonymous said...

ur roomate from mentakab!!? taking quatity survey!!? is tat guy name ku wen yuen... nice cause i from mentakab too.. now taking civil engineering in usm. u r architectual. so may be 1 time may meet u. greet u have a nice study journey