Thursday, July 27, 2006


YESTERDAY night was a memorable night for the architecture students of UTM, especially for the first year's.

As I said, there were many programes prepared for the busy-but-yet-got-time-to-enjoy architecture students throughout this five years in the university.

A function called the Enchanted Night (or Malam Silaturahim) was held last night. Organised by the 2nd year students and attended by all students as well as lecturers from architecture course of UTM.
The fifth year students
This year Enchanted Night is based on the theme of Fairy Tale. Thus everyone has to dress up as any character from any fairy tale stories. You could see Snow White, Cinderella, witches, Peter Pan, seven drawfs, dracula, Pinnochio, pirates, Robin Hood, prince charming, fairies, angels, demons, heroes, samurais and many more.
Robin Hoods from the 2nd year and 1st year.
As for first years students, we have to prepare some performance throughout the night. There were five different group of us (based on our workbase).

My group performance was STOMP! where we produced music beat by hitting on the old bins, junks, sticks etc. We also performed two songs, Switch by Will Smith and The Lion Sleeps Tonight from The Lion King cartoon.
The Stompers
A-Weem-Ba-Weh~~~ A-Weem-Ba-Weh~~~~


yee mei said...

STOMP rawks man!!! i saw them when they were here! i wonder how u guys did...

MaS said...

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