Monday, January 22, 2007

First Project Submission

AFTER four weeks the first studio project were given, we are required to submit our project today. A 1:25 scale model, coloured perspective and axonometry/isometry drawing.

My workbase was given choices to do either a personal studio cum sleeping area or kitchen with dining room. I chose to do the personal studio. We had to create spaces within the dimension given and also to have an opening view from the space inside.
It's about planning the working space and how we can fully utilise the space with smooth flow.

Anyway, this is the model I have done in about a week's time:
My personal studio
Entering through the door

Overlooking the computer table and drafting table

View from the outside

My personal space - a piano and a couch to relax
View from another angle

The sleeping area at the upper floor. The blanket is made of toilet paper =p

Blur foreground, clear background
...and vice versa
The model, perspective and axonometry drawings

Some of my coursemates' works. And I realise that my drawings are really suck compared to the theirs.

This is Jenny's studio:

She idolise Jay Chou so much that she has a BIG poster of me him

This is Han Chee's studio:

Even the sliding door and window are moveable

A fish aquarium inside
Our tutor, Mr Fawaz, taking photos of all the students' works.

Submission of a project means the beginning of another project. This time, on the second project, consists of three units:

1) The Egg Structure

We are asked to think of and build a structure which supports an egg and prevent it to break after dropping it from the fourth floor. The materials given are 15 satay sticks, an A1 size (equivalent to eight A4) butter paper and a meter long thread.
Any ideas on how can I do that??

Mr Fawaz decided to choose our group partner by random. Since there are seven girls and seven guys. The girls have to choose their guy partner by randomly picking paper provided by our tutor. Each paper has a guy's name on it.

"Come, pick your lucky prince charming"
My partner for this activity will be Vanessa. By this Friday all of us should have our structure ready to be tested together with the egg. Recording of the whole process is part of the project's requirement.
Maybe I should read this first

2) Wakaf in a Garden

All of us have to construct a wakaf (a small shelter made entirely of timber) which will be assemble in a housing area nearby. The purpose of this activity isfor us to learn and understand the joinst of the timber and the connectings of the post and beam.
A sample wakaf outside the girls' block
All the works have to be done in the workshop. It is a group assignment. The members have not been selected yet.

3) A Welcome Gerbang

Every group of two has to design a gerbang pintu for a school by using the Sketchup program. The winner for the best gerbang will be selected by the PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) of the school and his/her design will be build at the school's main entrance.
A gerbang on the East West Highway
This is a project which really attracts me. Of course, it is not easy to have our design selected. There are many aspects to be carefully considered. The cost, materials, colours, concepts, uniqueness etc.

Each of the project are only given a week's time to accomplish as there are only three weeks before our mid sem break. I think all these are much more easier compare to the first project. At least we get to enjoy ourself while working on the project =)

*twist fingers*

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