Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let's Go Europe

JUST finished watching 'Eurotrip' awhile ago. Nop, it isn't a travel documentary on Europe. This is a comedy movie released in 2004 but it was banned in the cinema screens in Malaysia. It was probably due to some nudity and sexual scene in that movie.
Basically. the story is about an American teenage guy, Scott, who thinks that his long time German pen-pal, Mieke, is a guy. However after discovering that Mieke is actually a hot babe, he crossed over to Berlin to find her.

Things went wrong. He and his friends ended up going around Europe before meeting his beautiful German girlfriend to be. This was how it went:

First, Scott and his friend went to London. Met a group of Man Utd fans which brought them to Paris. They met up with another two friends there. While they were queing to enter the Lourve Musuem, there was a funny scene where Scott was fighting with a Robot Man with his mechanical Kung Fu skillin the street. This part is truly hilarious!

Challenging a robot

Waiting for train at Crans Sur Mer, France

They also headed straight for the nearest nude beach. Dissapointingly, there were only males on the beach. So many kinds of sausages could be seen there =p

The naked guys

Being chased by naked men
Next, they went to Amsterdam by train. A Italian pervert joined them in the same cabin. Something happened while the train went into the tunnel. He he.

Stay away from us
In Amsterdam, the drug and sex capital of Europe, some of them found some 'entertainment' and had a wild night before heading to the East Europe. Then they headed to Berlin where Scott could meet up with his pen pal. Unfortunately she was in Rome for a field trip at that time.
An unforgetable moment in Amsterdam

If this couldn't help..
..maybe this will
So the group flew to Rome and to the Vatican City. Scott was 'elected' as the new pope and he finally met his German friend and confess to her. They then made out in the church.
In Vatican City with the Swiss Guard
After years of exchanging mails, Scott and Mieke are able to express their feelings in person
The movie ended up in a happy and unexpected way. Kristen Kreuk (from Smallville) appeared in the first part of the show. And there is also the lead actress from Xena: the warrior princess. It also stars Michelle Trachtenberg from the series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

By the way, the girl who played the German pen pal, Jessica Bohrs is quite pretty. Worth watching if you like those American Pie kind of movies.


This just reminds me of Inah, a Korean friend whom I known her through the internet. We got a chance to meet up in KL about 3 years back. Really hope I could see her again when I got the chance to visit Seoul.

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