Sunday, January 14, 2007

What's the Scale Exactly?

IT'S Sunday. Wake up at 10 something. Had two hard boil eggs for my breakfast then start doing the model of my 1st studio project. The room desk is so small that I have to use the bed instead. Learn that from the senior ;)

So semangat measuring, drawing, cutting and sticking the model at first until I receive a message from a friend saying that there might be a change of scale in the model.

Really pissed off. I don't wana redo what I have done. Crazy. I wana start my work early so that won't have to rush for last minute work. Other than the model, I still have 2 more drawings (axonometry and perspective) to do. What's even worse is that they have to be coloured manually. I don't like colouring. Really.

And here I am onlining again just few hours after I started with my model. Since the internet connection just fixed in my hostel two days ago. I really must learn to manage my time already.

The submission date is on the 22nd. 7 more days to go.

The clocking it ticking...

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