Friday, January 12, 2007

A Better Year??

FIRST of all, Happy 2007 to everyone! Finally I get to online in the hostel today. Some things changed during the long sem break and many things happened during the past 12 months. I..

..welcomed the year 2006 with friends and cousin at Bukit Bintang.

..worked for dad for a month.

..had a gathering with primary school friends when one of them came back from UK.

..celebrated Valentine's Day alone.

..went to Singapore for 10 days with my good friend while helping his aunt out with her new dancing studio.

..interviewed for a part time job in Maxis. the job and worked there for about 3 months.

..sent Vicky off to Australia to persuade his flying course. my STPM results.

..went for the interview for the university qualification and had a test as well.

..broke my frameless specs and,

..bought a new one.

..attended my Sixth Form maths teacher's retirement day.

..qualified to the university with the course that I wanted.

..met my Form 2 crush during a friend's party.

..summoned by traffic police for the first time. #$%^*(!=-+/:*&$#~

..sent my good friend off to Melbourne in Changi Airport.

..entered the university and got to know many new friends from other planets states.

..also got to know someone interesting.

..vomited at the KTM station after attending a forum in Taylor's College.

..travelled to Phuket with dad.

..bought a new Sony Ericsson phone and,

..made a 3G video call for the first time.

..accidently left the phone in the washing machine and it's gone..... ='(

..had sleepless nights in the university trying to finish the projects

..visited the Singapore Zoo and hop into a hot air balloon.

..attended (NOT taking part) a beauty pageant contest in UTM.

..celebrated my 20th birthday with friends in KL.

..went to the Singapore Motorshow.

..bought a fake Croc sandels for only S$3.90.

..went to Pangkor island and ride scooter for the first time.

..had a trip 1 day trip to Ipoh with a friend.

..met our Deputy Prime Minister at Bt Bintang during the launch of the Public Toilet.

..dine in an Italian restaurant for the first time.

..celebrated Christmas and New Year Eve in Singapore with my coursemates.

A new year, new feel, new sem, new subjects, new workbase, new tutor, new project and not forgotten, new assignments.
What about a new ME??
I must be joking. Ha. Ha.
Life goes on after all.
Four and a half years more in UTM. *yawn*

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