Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Am Back! ...for now

JIT ming is still doing fine here. The last post on my blog was exactly a month ago! Gosh, it's been a looooong while I have not been blogging. Sorry for the delay. I was too busy with work. And very tired! I have some interesting stuff that I wanted to post earlier but I just couldn't have the time and the Uhm! to do it.

Currently my everyday life is just wake up -> shower -> go to work -> start work -> lunch break -> continue work -> go home -> eat -> shower -> sleep
And it's repeating everyday (except for Saturdays and Sundays).
Welcome to Maxis!
Even on some Saturdays and public holiday I have to go back to work. Not that it is a very interesting job I there. Everyday we just sit and face the monitor screen and type numbers on the keyboard. You can imagine how boring data entering is! But what can I do..money do not just fall from trees or sky.
My place is where the chair is located
I am currently working in Maxis Communication on the 16th floor of Maxis Tower. From the office I have a great view of KLCC park and its surrounding. This is what I like the most! Hehe.
Residence K building under construction
Mandarin Oriental Hotel and KLCC Convention Center
Avenue K
Basically my boring job is to verify the 012/017 prepaid numbers registered by YOU GUYS! Just to check whether if YOU GUYS are resigtered or not.
First I have to take a box full of registration forms
Then look and check at the infomation written on the form
Type the mobile number
And check if it is already in the system
Stack up the all forms before they are collected to be scanned
There is a never ending task. Everyday boxes of forms are delivered to the office. From 8 in the morning until 7 at night we are doing this freaking-non-stop-entering-numbers-thingy. And it seems that there are ONLY ONE over SIX millions prepaid users who had their numbers registered so far.
Can YOU GUYS ppppplease register only when I resign from this job, which is in the end of May if you like to know... =p


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